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WE Spare Mag for "OPEN BOLT" WE M4 / SCAR / ASC / PDW Series Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifles (CO2 / Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by Vincent O. on 02/11/2017
No propane smell or expensive green gas
2 1/2 mags of shots for me at least(60F)
No leaks
Durable shell
Bolt locks back unlike green gas mag(Did need a little modification)
Mags are a little taller than AEG mags so they fall out of my vest
by Sam O. on 11/07/2016
"Used in WE-Tech Scar-L.

These are pretty nice magazines. The outer shell is aluminum and the internals are pot metal, which is just cast zinc. The valve is brass and steel, the lip and follower are plastic, and the gas route seal is rubber. Efficiency wise, you can pop off all 30 rounds in semi with some CO2 left to spare. Holding down the trigger on full auto from start to finish, you can shoot about 25 rounds with some power but the last 5 struggle to go anywhere. Try a half and half. Half full auto, half semi. You can get all 30 rounds off with that. For those of you who have trouble with getting the CO2 to pierce, make sure the threads of the screw cap on the bottom match up with the treads on the magazine. That will cause problems. Also, oiling the top of the CO2 cartridge helps keep the o-ring squishy and keeps it from cracking. Lubing all o-rings from time to time helps keep the magazine working well. Highly recommended.
by Robert A. on 09/30/2014
"Very impressed with my WE M4. I have about 2000 rounds through three of these mags. One was leaky when new, but stopped leaking when the seals got some silicone oil on them. Otherwise, I have not had any issues, other than screws and other threaded parts coming use, but that's pretty normal. Use threadlocker on screws and the nozzle if they come loose, and it should solve the problem. I ordered 6 more mags.
by angela a. on 09/30/2014
"fps on this averages 430 with .20s and green gas i have this gun an chronoed it it is great
by Hong L. on 09/30/2014
"Great Mag if you have a WE M4 or SCAR (I doubt it!) Works great even in cold weather and average FPS is about 20 FPS higher than green gas.
by Benjamin P. on 09/07/2014
"A good choice for the WE GBBR user. They feed beautifully in my WE L85A2. I prefer these to the green gas/propane mags because green gas is expensive (and not locally available for me) and propane smells pretty bad. Co2 is available to me, doesn't smell, and works better in the cold.

As Bobby C. mentioned, these have a tendency for the valve to stick after 20-25 rounds on full auto. I'm not certain as to why they do this, but they work flawlessly on semi, provided you space your shots out a bit (a second or two should do). GBBRs work best on semi and in my opinion, should always be used on semi, so I am not upset about this.

No stinky propane or expensive green gas.
Better cold-weather performance than propane/green gas.
Co2 is widely available.
Doesn't seem to leak as much as the green gas mags do.
Higher velocities (if the gun isn't shooting hot enough for you already).
30 round capacity is highly realistic and forces you to play tactically.

Higher velocities (if the gun is already shooting hotter than your liking).
As explained above, these don't like full auto much.
PRICE. GBBRs will always be expensive in all aspects, but that doesn't make paying $30-$40 a mag any less painful.

For me, these are nearly perfect and any minor quibbles are easily ignored in face of all the massive benefits. Buy confidently, but keep in mind that your mileage may vary.
by john w. on 06/18/2015
"These magazines work great with my M4CQB open bolt. Did have a problem with the magazines not locking the bolt back on empty but found a fix for it. The spring on the mag catch is weaker than the spring on the bolt catch on the rifle so when the last BB is fired, the mag catch cannot push up on the bolt catch. I removed the spring on the bolt catch on the rifle and now the mags lock back 98% of the time, which is a big deal for me. You can also try shimming the unit where the screw attaches to the shell so that the guts sit a hair higher than normal, but havent tried it, but in theory would work.
by bobby c. on 04/28/2014
"great magazines. quite durable. however, after about 20-25 rounds, occasionally the magazine valve will stick open and vent untill you eject it. so, just bear that in mind.
by Eddie L. on 05/01/2015
"My mags would leak and I couldn't get through a whole mag without running out of Co2 I returned the mag and replaced it with a green gas mag and I have had no problem with those mags
by Michael B. on 05/06/2016
"I bought 2 of these mags to try out at an Op, neither Mag would even pierce the CO2 cylinder.
by Aaron M. on 05/31/2015
"Okay, you'll definitely want to go with the green gas magazines. I bought two of these and now they're for spare parts. Over half of the time that you put in a co2 it will fly out of the top and drain itself. And if that doesn't happen you'll still barely ever manage to shoot all 30 rounds out. And the green gas NEVER fails, no leaks, and it will last about 60 rounds per fill. So save your co2 for pistol mags and grenades.