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Angel Custom CNC Aluminum Reinforced WE SCAR Hinge Plate - Black

2 Customer Reviews

by Audrey R. on 05/23/2013
"A must have part for WE GBB Scar. Easy to install and nicely finished just like many real steel parts I own. Fix the problem and gets the job done.
by Jonathan S. on 05/30/2016
"I work in a machine shop and to my eyes this seems to be fairly loosely machined. The holes where the hinge pin fits through is too large so the pin that holds the stock and hinge plate together just slides through and out the bottom. The original WE hinge plate has a tight fit with the hinge pin that securely holds it in place, which this does not have. You would have to secure the pin with loctite or something in order to make sure that you don't loose this essential pin out in the field. Also has slightly more play between the stock and hinge plate than the original, though it is not really noticeable when shouldering the weapon it was just kind of an annoyance because the stock doesn't feel quite as solid during folding and opening.

If you manage to overcome these issues, this works well as a reinforced hinge plate, just know that more work will be required beyond installation to make sure you don't lose your hinge pin. If you're looking for a reinforced hinge plate, this appears to be the only option on the market at the moment.

I will most likely be returning this and will stick with the stock hinge plate until I have the time to machine my own aluminium hinge plate.