Reviews: Spare Co2 Mag for Full Metal WE M4 PDW SCAR AWSS Gas Blowback Rifles (Closed Bolt)

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Model: MAG-WE-CBM4-CO2-B

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by George H. on 2011-11-03 15:41:30
"Nice mag. For me I like the Co2 better than green gas/ propane. Here's why:
-Cheaper than Green gas. (When you figure in an adapter for propane it runs near the same, price wise. May be a little more over the long run.) I know propane is widely available but tanks are hard to fit in field gear and not look like paintball air tanks. Every Wal-mart or sporting goods store I've been to has Co2.
-Harder blow back and louder. More realistic in my opinion. I run a modified Noveski KX3 originally threaded for a paintball marker on a WE CQB closed bolt M4 GBB. Seems to amplify even more w/ Co2 than green gas and propane.
-No smell. May not be that big of a deal, but I hate the smell of Green gas/ propane and in a closed environment the gas really starts to stink things up.
-Co2 cartridges are small and easily fit in your gear. I have a Molle shotgun shell pouch that holds 12 Co2 carts and fits great on my vest.

- Mil-Sim, very realistic. Correct size to fit all M4 30 round ammo pouches
- Good, realistic weight.
- Ease of use for Co2.
- Aside from the paint, the mag seems well constructed, quality build.

There are some cons.
-Paint easily scratches as noted by previous reviewer.
-Bottom plate does not slide easily back on when Co2 cart is in. May just be the mag I got. Plan on getting a few more in the future and will see if same issue persists.

Not really bad cons for me.
Overall great mag, I'm very pleased.
Thanks Evike for a good product
by Carl K. on 2009-09-02 23:55:52
"Rater experience: EXPERT
Rater time in sport: 4 yrs


- Great reliability
- Can select DRY FIRE mode or have the bolt lock in the rear position upon firing the last round (if your GBB allows it)
- CO2 is better than green gas, and cheaper!
- easy installation of CO2 cartridge
- Similar weight to a real magazine, but not top heavy like the real magazine. The weight is centered.
- Easy BB loading
- Holds 32 rounds (recommend only loading 30 to conserve spring life)
- Will not jam.
- Works great in a WETTI/WE SCAR AWSS GBB


- Paint is extremely cheap. Will begin to rub off and scratch during your first game. The silver metal will show through making it non-realistic.
- Some mags will have a stuck/jammed empty CO2 cartridge. Easy to disassemble the mag by one screw to get it out. Not recommended to do in the field.
- If you do not like real weight, 8 of these will make your vest weigh an additional 10 lbs. You will feel it after an hour of play if you are not properly conditioned.


- ALWAYS keep your GBB mags and equipment lubricated.
- NEVER disassemble without experience
- NEVER load 32 rounds, no more than 30
- NEVER store will a pressurized CO2 cartridge. Always remove for storage.
- DO NOT modify these mags to use anything but the 12g CO2 cartridge
- If you are going to carry these in bulk, maintain your combat physical fitness. This will prevent sore backs.


Overall, this is a good mag. Emphasis on good because they are cheaply painted. I will rub off easily, especially if two mags are rubbing against each other in a mag pouch. There will also be signs of paint wear from normal usage with your GBB weapon.

By the way, no airsoft gun is considered a 'rifle' because all barrels are smooth bores. GSgt R Lee Ermy and I agree that it is accepted to consider these 'guns.' - for the record.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)