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Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel 6.01mm Airsoft Tightbore Inner Barrel (510mm / WE M14 M16 G39E)

2 Customer Reviews

by khalen l. on 03/11/2013
"Simply put this barrel is amazing! All of the people out there saying 6.01 barrels will jam under full auto are liars. I have this barrel and run full auto continuously for 10-15 second burst at 24 rps and no issues. I am using elite force bbs for this.

Pros - groupings went from 8-12 inches at 100 ft to 3-4 at 100 ft.
- Fps went up by 12-14
- Excellent polishing inside as well as good crown.
- It actually measures 6.01 exactly.
- Barrel has gold markings on outside to say barrel length and inner size.

Cons- None because this barrel will fit any gun with the dual slots on the sides for different hop up units.

Overall this is an awesome barrel for the money. If you want tighter groupings at range buy an angel custom barrel.
by Alex H. on 10/18/2015
"I completely love this barrel I have it in my m16 dmr gbbr and using .28 or .30 gram bbs I can hit most man sized targets at 300 ft but that's not the only thing that helps but I'm here to talk about the barrel. OK only one point do I have an issue it that it wasn't completely a take out the old one and replace it with a new one deal. The part of the barrel the bucking goes on was slightly longer than the original barrel so the bucking wouldn't seat where it needed to be as well as the fact the groves wouldn't match the groves in the hop up chamber so I had to measure, grind, polish, and crown slightly so it would fit. I had the proper know how and tools to do this so it wasn't an issue. If you think it's easy as chopping or grinding down the needed material then your wrong being a tight bore barrel any nic, ding or irregularity at one end or the other on a barrel can dramatically hinder the performance or ruin it all together so if you're buying this for a gbbr be aware that modification my be needed and if you don't have the knowledge or know how do not buy you will ruin it and waste $50, it may have been my barrel but why take the risk right.

Accuracy is increased dramatically (providing you have the proper bucking, bb, ect)
Well made

Modifications were needed (other than that nothing else.)