Reviews: G&P M4CQB WOC "Special Forces 100M" GBB Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle Challenge Kit (9.5" Barrel)

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by Andrew R. on 2013-11-17 11:09:40
"This is a great kit. I spent about 2 1/2 hrs in total assembling it, and I am still testing it for durability and reliability. It would be nice if the standard G&P were available, I am sure I would have had less teething problems than I had with the KA magazines. Some upgrades and issues I have experienced.
1) it seems not all the parts were packed for the hammer bushings as I seem to have a few short. This was not a problem, as I just manufactured some new ones.
2) the BB loading finger on the nozzle got deformed, mainly due to issues with the KA magazine. I had to cut it off and manfuacture a new finger from steel, which was then pinned into place and works perfectly.
3) the nozzle retaining clip broke after a few shots, but it doesn't seem to detract from the performance of the gun.
4) the charging handle spring catch broke. This I can manufacture a rreplacement of once again so there's no major issue.
Other than these small issues (it DOES say, "challenge kit") the gun is awesome. 600 rounds per minute at about 400FPs on 0.25 BBs. The internals operate very well, and you just need to keep it clean and free of erant BBs and pieces of broken ones if they break during feeding. Accuracy is very good too, at 30 ft on full auto a 4 inch grouping is possible on a full magazine. The recoil is very lively and adds very much to the realism.
All in all excellent value if you like assembling this type of thing, are mechanically inclined and don't mind troubleshooting, modifying and upgrading this gun to exactly what you want.
by Kirk C. on 2013-01-26 03:40:46
"I spent about 2 hours to finish the lower receiver, it wasn't that hard to build, but I google & youtube a lot and see how others finished theirs.
I was using wooden BBQ sticks (cut in the right length equal to the metal pins),hold the springs, and push and slide the metal pins in. The auto switch was a pain, I spent almost 30min to struggle the thing in.
The silicone gel is a must for some parts, especially for the trigger guard & a small hammer will do the job without breaking part of the lower.
It wasn't a bad experience, since I replaced all the springs with 120% reinforced parts, the pushing and pulling really hurt my fingers. Other than that, building one of these guns are not rocket science, just need a few breaks in between, thinking and rethinking, and make sense and what not.
All I have to say its was really educational, and I probably will buy few more of these kits in the future.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)