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G&P M4 WOC "Fighting Cat" GBB Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle Challenge Kit (M4A1)

6 Customer Reviews

by Katelyn H. on 09/22/2016
"This is really a awesome replica, after installing a npas in the bolt and fielding it at my local cqb arena I am pretty happy with it. Honestly the magpul mags are the better option as stated in other parts of this site and on the net. The fill valve in the stanag style magazine are the TM style valves that allow gas to spill out as your filling it so they cannot over fill, this is awesome when you have a japanese airsoft gun like a tm or a wa. Here though the system is a little lack luster and causes leaks, that is a different issue seeing as this is the kit and no magazine is included so I digress, Once I got done scratching my head and swearing at the instructions for telling me to put the full auto sear in after the fire selector (watch johnjayrambo on youtube he has a video on how to build a lower receiver) the kit went together very quickly and easily. Basically if you can lace your boots and consider yourself semi competent this is going to be pretty straight forward stuff here folks. As soon as I was finished assembling the whole thing I loaded a magazine and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then I slapped it in the carbine with a satisfying clickity clack noise that is very reminiscent of handling an actual firearm. The first time I shot it I was extremely pleased that it actually worked, not only did it work it is the coolest airsoft gun I've ever seen or used. G&P's WOC is so much fun to shoot and handle, it is extremely finicky though so expect some experimenting and fine tuning. Definitely not a platform for just anyone though, but once you put it together and get a couple of suckers out with it you will feel like a Jedi master.
by David T. on 08/17/2016
"This is a very realistic and super high quality rifle. However, they weren't kidding when they called this a challenge kit. There are only 21 steps, but almost every single step involved quite a bit of frustration. Some smaller parts needed to be filed down to fit property. The instruction was a photo copy of a photo copy, so the resolution was terrible. There was not much writing in the instruction, only low quality pictures. Double and triple check every step before you put the parts together because the fit is extremely tight, and it will be a pain to undo some parts to correct your mistakes. But once this gun is assembled, it is absolutely amazing. The realism is the best in the business. Everything is metal. The recoil is strong, and very loud. This gun comes with a steel barrel tip as well as a plastic orange one. Do not ever take this out in public without a gun case. Do not fire it in the back yard if you have neighbors around. You are just asking for trouble. I have used both propane and duster gas with great result. The duster gas would be perfect for indoor use as it does not smell, and the velocity is lower. But don't forget to use silicone oil if you are not using green gas. There are some build videos on Youtube that are very helpful, especially one made by a guy name Jedi.
by Alex H. on 09/26/2015
"here is what I've experienced the build kit is nice and easy to understand how to put together if you have basic mechanical skill the exterior is built well I was missing the barrel all together but I called evike and they had it shipped to me Pronto so good service evike thanks now back to the gun it has a break in period once assembled so don't get butt hurt if it doesn't run like you want but once I broke it in I went to the nearest field and really put it through its paces. The stock bolt and bolt catch were worn out after play, the mag catch broke and extensive wear on the trigger group parts. Now keep in mind this is a build kit so if it's not perfect replace parts, there are parts that I would get that are made out of steel are the bolt, bolt catch, mag catch, ( trigger group eventually) buffer lock.

Good base for a butt kicking custom build
Teaches you (know your rifle)!

Patience lots of patience
Break in period
Lots of tweaking
major operating parts need to be replaced with steel aftermarket parts
Not skirmishable right after being put together (BREAK IT IN!)
by Zane R. on 09/24/2013
"A great gun a little shaving and filing required but overall easy to assemble the one complaint I have is that I got a matrix hard kick buffer and didn't realize it until I shot it and it broke my buffer catch
by John N. on 08/13/2015
"Like the other reviewer I recieved this kit missing a few parts and the whole outer and inner barrel. I called evike and they are currently looking into it. Will update this review once everything is solved. Thanks.
by Michael H. on 08/11/2015
"Just picked this up from the Evike Warehouse yesterday. After the long drive home and cracking open the box, I had found the first piece on the instructions was missing. Along with that there was various bolt, springs, the barrel, the inner barrel, and many more pieces missing from my box. Not really sure how this was even allowed to be handed out. Will be making the journey back to the Evike Superstore tomorrow to try and address this issue.