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CAA Airsoft Roni Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit for P226 Airsoft GBB Pistols (Color: Dark Earth)

3 Customer Reviews

by George N. on 03/07/2018
"I expected this conversion kit to feel cheap, light and containing low-end plastics. That's not the case! The flash hider, rails, and stocktube were made of a well-finished metal. The main plastic for the frame is made of a high-quality polymer of some sort.

My TMP26 E2 fit absolutely flawlessly and snug as a bug inside this kit. The description says it won't fit E2's but that was not the case. Also, when the stock is fully collapsed and foregrip is up, it's as big as a collapsed mp7. Very nice for speedy room clearing and an overall maneuverable setup.

-Flip-up adjustable sights
-Fits basically all p226's, even E2
-Adjustable stock with cheek rise
-lots of metal parts (that was unexpected)
-a high-quality build of polymer
-QD sling points
-very easy to install (takes 5 seconds to take out p26 if you're good like me ; )
-QD collapsable foregrip
-Allows for a carbine like feel and increases stability and accuracy in shots

-Removing the orange tip requires skill, they did a really good job. (take it how you want)
-The front end does wobble a little, but you'd have to really pull on it to try and see that. (just a pet peeve, not really a con because it's such little wobble)
-The trigger safety could have been designed better. Sometimes when off safe it gets in the way and I accidentally switch it back. It could just be me though.

Overall rating: 4.8/5
Not perfect because of the safety and front wobble but damn near close, and for that amazing price. Buy it!
by Blake I. on 04/20/2017
"Absolutely solid and easy to install. The kit is fantastic. Good quality materials and absolutely no wobble or slack when assembled. This is easily one of the nicest conversion kits I have come across.
by Darin B. on 10/18/2013
"I ordered this kit a few days ago. The box art was great. The foam insert is high quality and will work great for storing and transporting the gun to and from the field. The instructions were in english and were easy to understand with pictures as well as highlighted portions to instruct on assembly and operation of the product.

I am using it with a KJW P226 which fit perfectly without need for any modificaitons. After installing the gun into the kit it functioned flawlessly.

The plastic is sturdy and should last a long time. The fit of all parts is tight including the butt stock. It has a top rail from front to rear of the reciever part with left and right rails for flashlight or lasers.

It comes with flip up adjustable front and rear sites which are of good quality plastic and metal. The sites have a large and small hole.

A detachable and collapsable foregrip is a good quality and locks into place with no wobble at all. Everything is fits well....I can't say that enough.

It has a QD attach point for a sling right at the rear of the receiver that worked well with my QD sling attachment. The adjustable butt stock fits tightly with no wobble. The butt stock uses a push button on the shoulder pad area to securely lock it in place. There is also a spare mag holder that locks into place. You actually have to push a tab to release the mag so you can do a mag swap. This is a very nice touch.

The charging handle slides securely over the rear site on the P226. And the kit reciever has a safety switch that covers the entire trigger area to ensure you do not negligently discharge your weapon with it engaged.

Overall I can say enough about the quality of this product. It is well worth what I paid for it and would recommend this to anyone wanting a good close quarters weapon as well as the ability to remove the pistol at any time to just use it as a pistol.