Reviews: Madbull Airsoft 235mm Precision Inner Barrel Set with Threaded Outer Barrel for WE / SOCOM Gear M9 Series GBB Pistols


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Model: Kit-MB-M9BRL

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by James B. on 2013-07-23 12:48:14
"I fit this barrel set on to a WE full-auto M9 Barry Burton (Barry Burton parts removed). During installation, I had to swap in the stock hopup for fitment but otherwise it went in easily. I finished off the build with a 150mm mock suppressor to hide/protect the extended barrel. 150mm is a bit long for the barrel by about 20mm but the open space makes for a unique ‘kaathump’ sound on semi-auto firing.

The performance of the barrel set is impressive. On range it delivers clean performance on a standard pistol target at 45 ft (95% in black on a 52rnd magazine with 0.30g BB’s). More impressive is the range - my M9 quickly achieved notoriety as the ‘sniper pistol’ since its accurate range exceeds the full range of most other GBB’s fielded.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)