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Matrix IPSC CNC Aluminum Magwell for G Series 17 / 18C Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - (Type B / Silver)

1 Customer Review

by john k. on 01/23/2012
"This is REALLY nice, I put it on my WE G17.
it has 2 pieces, and 3 screws, and the screws use a Allen key type.(its a hex key, but a small Allen Key fits fine.)
One piece goes into a little area, behind the mag, (Bang it in with a hammer/rubber mallet BUT FIRST, know the two holes are facing down(visible to you), and you are SURE you want to put this in, you wont be able to get it out, but if you want to take the magwell off, you just see a little metal. If you dont like the magwell, or want to sell it without the magwell, you could paint over it, or buy the black magwell.) then once the hole on your grip, matches with the one on the piece in the grip (You'll see it, theres 3 screws, and 3 holes, 2 next to each other, one alone, were talking about the alone one.) then put the actual magwell on, you can easily slip the magwell on and off, just dont scratch the grip, be careful. Then screw in the 3 screws, the one on your grip will not be easy, just screw it in until its tight, then out then in, repeat for awhile. The hole in your grip likely wont be 'big' enough, just barely. It has no screw lining, so you have to make it, by doing what i said. Eventually, itll be about 1/4-1/5 out and you should stop. If you hear a loud *SNAP* You went exactly, 100% as far as possible. dont go any further..
And thats it!

I think its great, adds tactical look, and faster reloading.

Note* if you notice your mag doesnt come out on its on, and just stops half way, your magwell isnt correctly on. the metal piece in the grip is fine, your magwell just isnt completely on, and at an angle, so make sure you snap it on 100%. Hopfully you'll read this before you put the magwell on, so before screwing the magwell piece on, you should make sure your mag goes in and out fluently, without any stoppage.