Reviews: Guarder Threaded Steel Outer Barrel for KJW / TM P226 Airsoft GBB Pistols - Black / 14mm Negative


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Model: BRL-GE-P226-10-B

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by Juan V. on 2013-10-29 17:26:25
"Fits perfectly in a KJW p226, but it has the following issues:
a) The thread between the barrel and the chamber is "positive", while the one between the barrel and the suppressor is "negative". Because of this, it's Impossible to tighten up a suppressor whithout loosening the barrel

b) At least for the KJW version, you can't remove the barrel assembly as usual; you have to remove the threaded part through the front, and then remove the chamber. Not a real issue, but it's different

c) When the gun cycles, the spring guide SLAMS into the suppressor. Just enough to nick it, but it keeps cycling properly.

d) Once installed the suppressor, it's imposible to turn the take-down lever for quick hop-up adjustments.

Not a flawless product, but the material's quality and surface finish is SUPERB. Points B, C and D are just details. If you want this, get the CW version.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)