Reviews: Future Energy CNC Aluminum Extended Piston for KWA MP7A1 Airsoft GBB SMG


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Model: FE-0607
Location: Y0-305

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by John W. on 2013-07-23 18:09:39
"I bought this to test out what exactly it could do for my KWA MP7, but I never got the chance. The screw that holds the original piston in was inconceivably tight, which caused it to strip and made installation impossible. I plan on getting a new bolt carrier from KWA (if they ever decide to restock it...), so I'll be able to write a review of the actual performance.

It's longer than the original, but I have no idea how that might affect the overall perfromance of the MP7.

-May boost performance (I don't know because I can't install it!)

-May hurt performance (Still don't know!)
-May require a new bolt carrier
-The piston head just slips over the nub on the front instead of being screwed on (the original piston has a part that screws on to hold the piston head in place)

I've worked on my fair share of airsoft and non-airsoft, and the original piston was screwed to the bolt carrier tighter than anything I've ever seen. I even tried dipping it in boiling water (in case they had glued it in place), but nothing worked.

Not sure how it performs yet, but that's KWA's fault for over-tightening the living heck out of the original!

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)