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KJW Folding Stock for KWA KJW M93R Series Airsoft Training GBB Pistols

7 Customer Reviews

by Vaughn H. on 01/23/2017
"Awesome addition to the M93R.

Mine slipped on with no modification needed,
solid construction,
if you are a fan of your M93R and want to give it a little extra, this is entirely worth the money.

If i have to be picky, the only con is there is no manual on how to use it, it did take me some time to figure out how to unfold the stock ect.
by Steve S. on 02/25/2016
"This stock fits perfectly!! I have the KWA M93R. No need to modify it nor the gun.

Thank you EVIKE!!
by Woodrow C. on 11/24/2015
"I love this stock! Took a bit of work to get it to fit my KWA M93r, specifically, I had to open up the hole on the frame of the weapon that the large pin on the stock fits into. A small round rat-tail file works great for this, but go slow. Take off small amounts of material until it is close to going on, then stop, add some lube and GENTLY tap it the rest of the way on. You want it to be snug, not sloppy. This method gave me a tight fit, and it will still come off without having to tap it with anything. Just work it a bit to get it off. Of course test it first on your weapon, as you may not need to do any of this at all.

The stock adds nice support for steady, accurate shots and really adds to the versatility of the weapon. It makes it possible to realistically use this weapon as a primary, or a real butt-kicking secondary! It is well made, full metal and seems as though it will hold up well, but I will say that I have not had it out in the field for a full-on torture test. That being said, I can't imagine having an M93r without it! But hey, that's just me.

As always, carry on, and be careful out there!
by Caleb K. on 10/31/2008
"This stock does fit the M93R AEP sold on this site BUT you will have to hone out the pin hole at the bottom of the grip for it to fit. Once you do that, it is a bit tight making it clip but if you are persuasive enough with it, it will clip into place. This is a very solid stock though. Good clips to hold it to the gun as well as a sturdy folding mechanism.
by michael c. on 02/26/2013
"A little wobbly, but nice that you can still holster your m93r with the stock on/collapsed. Also works/folds nicely with 48rd extended mags. Easy to draw, easy to unfold, but no instructions.
by Jeff A. on 02/08/2012
"This stock is a cheap, fun and useful add on to an m93r. I have it on my kwa. It does help some with accuracy though not tremendously since its only an airsoft gun. Looks great! Way better than the one that comes in the new kwa m93r package!

The only downside is the metal. Its thin and could be easily bent with careless use. But as long as youre not throwijg it around youre all good!

A few notes: doesnt come with instructions. To unfold ot out of the box, or anytime it is folded, simply pull on the buttplate side and unfold. To re fold it there is a button on the hinge you must push and then pull the buttplate side again to lock it into place.
Also! It works with the 50 round extended mags!

Glad i bought this.
by Nick M. on 06/14/2012
"Good stock but my pins came loose and it falls apart alot on me it lasted me about 6 months and it is very wobbly but its still worth getting and its better then the one that comes with it.

full metal
folds and locks
looks awsome

pins cme loose fast