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VFC IAR Conversion Kit for VFC HK416 Series Airsoft Rifles

1 Customer Review

by Ben Z. on 10/11/2013
"It just came in today, I have to say that it's a fantastic looking piece of kit. I threw it on my 416 and was really surprised to see what two inches of rail can do for the gun! I put in a 407mm inner since I don't think that a 455 would end before the barrel ends and frankly, a suppressor would look ridiculous on this if you're not building a DMR-esque platform (just get a 417 if you are...).

For anyone wondering, it's about 3 inches shorter than an M16 and 2 inches longer than a full length M4A1.

- Tons of rail space
- Zero wobble
- Made of the same high quality materials that the 416 is.
- Installed it with one screw in under two minutes
- Looks amazing
- Extra barrel length

- Threading at the end is longer than the 416's, so the flash hider that come 416 isn't quite long enough to go on all the way. It leaves a small groove that is somewhat noticeable.
- Bayonet lug spins far too easily and has no discernible way of locking in place.
- Not easy to replace the charging handle part.
- Slightly Front-heavy
- Not considered a support weapons by most groups despite its role as a USMC AR weapon. :'(