Reviews: JG Laser Engravable Full Metal Lower Receiver for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Blank)

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Model: MB-JG-M4-Lower
Location: D9-008

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by Greg I. on 2014-07-10 08:18:47
"I purchased a Bone Yard Matrix M4 Zombie a while back that had a broken tail on the lower receiver and was worried that finding a lower that would fit would be a problem.
Picked up this JG lower and it fit the upper receiver perfectly.

Lower Receiver:
-Not too light, not too heavy, comes in at about 7oz (200g).
-Casting is good.
-The body pins going through the V2 gear box all lined up.
-Mag well is a bit big in that an inserted mag is a bit wobbly... but then again I haven't
found a mag well yet that is perfect..., stuck on a piece of Velcro inside and the mag's
now secure, but not too tight.
-No markings on the receiver is nice also... I like'em blank.
-Receiver doesn't have a flat area on the tail to allow rear wiring between the buffer
tube so you will need to drill a small hole at the base of the tail to pass the wires
through the tail to stock. No big deal, I've had to do this on other lower receivers.
-My V2 gear box didn't fit at first and I had to file the trigger hole just a bit.
Again no big deal, a little flat back spray paint and you can't even see the slight mod.

The only real con is that it doesn't come with a firing safety selector lever switch...,
which means you will have an exposed hole on the opposite side of the receiver.
This hole is usually plugged by the manufacture using a pressed in plug.
(haven't been able too find this plug on anyone's site)
I stuck a piece of electrical tape on the inside to cover the hole and keep out dirt.

If you are looking to upgrade your plastic receiver or just a replacement, for the price, this is a goo deal.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)