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CAA Airsoft UPG16-2 Motor Grip for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Dark Earth)

7 Customer Reviews

by Haakon L. on 02/02/2016
"I recently bought and installed this on my G&P M4.

The motor plate that my stock G&P grip used fit this one, now onto the grip itself.

The grip gives great stability over the stock grip and also makes your rifle look slightly more badass. I have fairly large hands (I have yet to meet someone with bigger hands than me), and this grip seemed like the best alternative. Although it could have been even more swelled, I can comfortably use this grip and have great contact to the grip, a friend of mine with not-so-large hands could also use this grip comfortably. If you have the money to spare, get it, if you don't; save for it. This is by far the best cosmetic (and functional) upgrade you can do to your airsoft gun for that price in my opinion.
by Justin G. on 11/11/2014
"I bought this grip hoping it would be awesome, And it is! It feels great and looks way better then that normal m4 style grip. It was easy to install( if you need to know how to change a motor grip lots of good youtube videos out there!) not much of a hassle! only problem is that my stock motor plate won't fit it. which is annoying because it says its compatible with matrix, maybe that just means the grip size. it looked like it would fit, but it won't. fyi if anyone that has this grip knows what kind of motor plate i need, it would be nice if you could let me know! thanks evike for a great product!
by Isaiah M. on 05/22/2014
"This grip came with my caa licenesd full metal m4-s1. It is very comfortable and is just an extraordinary grip to put on your rifle. I recommend this and i have no problems or issues with it!
by sage m. on 01/08/2014
"Great grip, I put it on my jg s system which I had to do some modifications to it. I had to file the hole where the motor goes to line the motor into the gearbox perfect. Other than that the grip fits perfect in my hands(i have big hands),and looks great.
by Adam G. on 10/27/2013
"It's really amazing, first off. It's comfy, durable, and I'm pretty sure the bottom comes off to put stuff in. It is very ergonomic, allowing both right- and left-handed users to use this hand grip very easily. It's made of nylon fiber, which is a really amazing plastic (DO NOT let the word plastic trick you into not getting it). Therefore, since it's not metal, it doesn't get ridiculously cold when you're skirmishing in the winter. Now, with that being said, it is about $20. That is easily reachable within any budget, but for a small amount of material, it seems like a rip off. However, it is priced like that for a reason: it's like adding luxury to your gun in both feeling and performance. 5/5
by Peter K. on 04/07/2016
"Okay, So I got this and it turned out to be slightly larger than I thought it would, but still much more comfortable than a stock M4 motor grip. I had a couple slight problems with this:
-the hole in the top of the grip where the end of the motor goes into the gearbox, the hole wasn't large enough to fit that end, so I had to widen it a bit with a dremel.
-it doesn't fit as snug to the lower receiver as I'd like, but still completely functional. (mainly a cosmetic problem, doesn't look tight).

As no other reviews I saw on this had this problem, I'm guessing it is more of a problem with my rifle being an E&C Patrol Rifle.

But overall, very comfortable grip made of sturdy material. only reason for 3 stars is the interface problem with my current rifle.
by Justin S. on 12/25/2016
"Bought two of these for two separate guns; the Ares Amoeba and Firehawk. Neither grip fit without heavy modification. One of the grips came "squeezed" on one end, and would not slot onto the gearbox. To solve this, I gently heated the grip with a flame and slowly bent it to widen it. The other issue was the little "grooves" that slot onto the gearbox. Inside the motor grip are little slots that slip onto the gearbox to hold it in place. Neither of these fit onto the gearboxes, so I had to remove these slots on the motor grip by dremeling them off. To compensate for this instability, I installed four screws instead of the standard two screws between the motor cage and gearbox.

Also, does not come with a heat sink.

All in all, works great in the end, but only after many headaches. Perhaps I got two duds, perhaps after 3 years of working on my own gear I don't actually know what I'm doing, but I would look elsewhere for a reliable grip.