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Bird Cage M4 / M16 Type Metal Flash Hider (Thread: 14mm Negative)

16 Customer Reviews

by Roger M. on 06/07/2018
"Got two of these at one time. Both black. No set screw. Just like real flash hider. They worked fine since I use real AR locking FH washers on my AEG's. Nothing fancy - just like issued.
by Danny J. on 01/13/2018
"I own two of these. Weird that i got two very different flash hiders when i ordered though... one was black with a set screw.... the other was grey with no set screw... anyways looks good on my gun but beware
by Sam S. on 07/06/2017
"Threaded onto my Elite Force Ares M4 CQB perfect. Finish is nice and it matches my barrel/gas block finish well.
by Cody H. on 07/01/2017
"Great flash hider, a few comments say its more grey colored, but mine is a shiny black that matches the barrel of my Echo 1 Genesis perfectly! It doesn't have a set screw, but I prefer to just use an O-ring to keep muzzle breaks in place anyway. This thing is so light that at first I thought it was plastic!
by David B. on 03/19/2017
"Great flash hider to replace the orange tip. Used this for my CM16 make sure you keep the screw when you take your orange tip off. This one doesn't come with one. Also, it's grey so I spray painted it black.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"Fit just right on my gun! And no problems when firing,
by DAVID S. on 06/02/2011
"This is on my Dboys cqb m4. It went on easy, and has only come slightly loose once.(i take good care of my stuff, but i use it hard). If i had a plastic one, it would be toast by now. Has yet to loosen at all a second time. Worth the 20 bucks.
by Jeffrey L. on 12/05/2008
"will this also fit the newer version of the dboy BoyI s-system?

Webmaster: It will fit all 14mm negative thread. (All DBOY, JG, Classic Army, Marui, G&G....ect)
by Kris O. on 11/10/2008
"Yup, the UTG M4 series have a 14mm negative thread under it.
by Philip D. on 05/24/2017
"Nice flash hider. Went onto my Classic Army Polymer EC-1 with no complaints. A set screw would be nice but isn't really necessary, the rubber washer that came with the gun provides enough tension to hold it in place.
by Lorenzo G. on 10/22/2015
"Its a decent flash hider, nothing much else to say about it. It works as it should, a fancy thread protector on an AEG or GBB. The finish is like a dull grey that doesn't shine under light, so that's nice. The weight is nice, it's not lightweight pot metal but definitely not steel. It's a little easy to scratch but I personally like that weathered look. Other than that, it's just a flash hider, you get what you paid for.
by Wendy G. on 07/06/2012
"Pros: Fits perfectly on my JG M4 S-System and will do the same with any other 14mm CCW threading. Full metal and looks good. Great finish.

Cons: It doesn't come with a set screw to hold it in place once you have it threaded on your barrel. You'll have to provide for yourself on that part.
by Chad O. on 03/13/2012
"Good construction, great finish and it does come in black, no fake out here. only one problem i figured my gun was ccw but it was cw so i bought it for nothing. but luckily my friend was missing his flash hider on his m4 so i let him have it and just sanded my orange tip off and painted it black. Its a great buy but just make shure if you order a gun you know wether or not its ccw or cw
by taylor a. on 06/13/2008
"way over priced!

but there very nice and look awasome!
by Jeffrey L. on 11/08/2008
"Does anyone know if this is compatible for a UTG M4 Commando?