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Matrix Swordfish Conversion Kit for MP5 A4 / A5 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles

7 Customer Reviews

by jeremy k. on 08/25/2015
"This is the perfect meat tenderizer for your mp5. The best part of this is the look it gives your mp5 making it unique and threatening. Made fully out of aluminium the only down side s are the orange and getting this to fit your gun.

This does not fit the WE Tech Apache A2 mp5 W/O modification
I would recommend putting this on a WE Tech mp5 even though it requires modification

Unique/New look to the mp5
monolithic upper rail
solid construction

lose of iron sights
does't fit WE Tech out of the box
orange front
by Edward A. on 12/13/2013
"Purchased this from the walk-in store. It fits absolutely perfectly on a JG MOD5; no modification of any type was required and once on it is solid as a rock and adds a good amount of weight, which is easily balanced using a full stock with the battery inside. A low profile red dot sight is a solid choice for optics with the kit since you will lose the use of iron sights as well.

Also, once on you won't be able to attach accessories that have to slide onto the lower rail (the front end of the swordfish kit blocks the front part of the rail) without removing the entire kit.
by Christopher W. on 06/13/2013
"Sturdy and sexy is all that really needs to be said. It took a bit of dremel work to get it to fit on(issue with the gun). The piece on the top receiver that helps guide rail mounts located just above the rear clamp spots was more than likely too big. Had issues with another clamp. I stripped on the the clamps but have no fear i still had the clamps from the other rail mount i was originally going to use. It now fits securely on my mp5 and looks dang sexy. My suggestion just use a fixed stock, good battery space and in my opinion looks better. PEQ boxes are a pain anyways, and makes it more streamlined. I have a CYMA CM041J, now wired to the rear with a fixed stock.
by Robert F. on 10/30/2017
"Used on a Classic Army B&T MP5A4

Takes a lot of filing and dremel work to fit. Area around the inner barrel in the front block has to be filed down on both sides. Some of the areas on the top near the scope-mount area need to be dremelled out as well.
by Branden S. on 07/19/2017
"Umarex H&K MP5A4

As this is a somewhat popular aeg right now, I figured I'd let the people know that it WILL fit this model with some work.

Like others, You'll have to file down either the mounting/rear sight or underside of the Monolith rail to get it to sit flat. The Front end also won't sit all the way down on this aeg. The old front grip pin mount is bigger than the holes on this front end. This caused the inner barrel to be misaligned. After test firing it was shooting straight without and loss of fps or accuracy so...may not be a problem. That said once on it's a beaut. Came with black front.
by Alan A. on 05/20/2017
"I have a H&K Umarex MP5A5
Ordered from Evike and ooooh boy does this mod look slick. The version I recieved had a fully black front end, no orange tip like in the pictures. The entire thing is metal so it will add a noticable weight to the front end of the gun. It also required filing down one of the mounting points near the middle of the top for a standard rail attachment, but since this is now the rail, it didn't matter. It also bumped into the back sight mounting point, so I filed down the edge of the attachment as well. After that, the clamps tightened it all down and it fits with no problems.

The only other points I will mention is that the edges of the rail are very sharp, and I'm sure this goes without saying but you need to use gloves when playing with the charging handle otherwise it takes a little extra effort not to get your fingers pinched.

As long as you don't mind the effort, If you want a mod that makes your MP5 a serious head-turner, it's gotta be this.
by Michael H. on 06/27/2013
"I was able to get this installed today. As a unit, this piece is well made and sturdy. As with anything like this, just be mindful of alterations you will probably have to make. I am using an Echo 1 Master Series MP5 and there were several modifications I had to make.

1) the rail would not fit over my current threaded outer barrel so I either need to slice off the threading or leave the outer barrel off.
2) where the rail contacts the rear sight, I had to file it down a little since it it wouldn't fit otherwise.
3) the screws that came with it were too small for my gun. I'm heading out to the hardware store later to pick up some longer screws.

Otherwise, the piece works great and does what it's supposed to. If you don't mind DYI mods you may have to do, I'd definitely recommend this. It looks fantastic and gives a distinct look.