Reviews: Matrix 1500 RD Box Magazine for P90 series Airsoft AEG (Marui King Arms FN Herstal Echo1 E90)

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Model: BMAG-P90
Location: D7-168 WO14-M03 WSO5-M12

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by Jonathan H. on 2013-08-13 07:49:23
"This magazine conversion kit couldn't get any better, to be honest! It came in a nice white, blank box with a shipping box protecting it, nicely packed. Pulled it out, and all was well! Then my P90 came in a few hours later and it dropped in just as easy as a regular P90 magazine. Slide it in, snap it down, throw in an M4 High-cap mag, and you're good to go! 1500RD's is more than enough for CQB, Field, or even Military Simulation games. It's got a metal and a very durable ABS plastic construction, and it is very sturdy when being handled. My JG P90 had zero problems accepting it. Feeds just perfect. No jams, lock-ups, or parts breaking.

Thanks Matrix for making a good product that can save people tons of money (in spending it on P90 mags, which are 20+$), time, and a few deaths on the field!

I HIGHLY Recommend that if you have a P90, buy one. M4 High-caps can be found for anywhere between 6-10$. P90 High-caps are easily 25-30$ and can't nearly hold as many BB's.
by Thomas S. on 2013-05-13 19:40:48
"Most people have said it all, this allows a P90 user to do unlimited spraying. It was a little tricky to get in, but once it was in it was NOT moving (unless I took it out). Feeds fine, but does NOT come with an M4 mag. I have a ton lying around so that wasn't a problem. This is great for non milsim games, reloading doesn't become an issue.
by Jason S. on 2012-04-16 10:37:10
"The box mag is a great tool to have but I would still keep mid/standard cap P90 mags for a few reasons. But heres the pros and cons I found

Plenty of ammo
Good for mid-long range conflict (fighting in the woods)
M4 Hi-Cap mag compatibility and availability. (And you only need one good one)
Decent Feed
Simply dump the bb's in the top reservoir
Looks sexy

May just be my mag, but you have to wind it alot because of the slight more distance from the top end of the m4 mag to the P90 receiver is meaning a full wind may provide you around 20rds before you have to wind it again,,, basicly ALOT of winding.
Leftys of course have problems
If and when you have a jam, it takes alot of effort to save the rounds that will fall out. Its nearly impossible to take the box mag out without dumping 50-150 bbs on the ground.

My suggestion is to keep mid and standard caps with little or no winding when involved in CQB battles. Plus in CQB I highly doubt you will need 1500 rds unless you really give your gun a run for its money. When you switch to woods and longer distance engagement battles, this box mag is insanely helpful. I highly suggest this box mag though.
by Calvin M. on 2011-12-03 11:50:54
"This is worth the money if youre a P90 owner. I used this box mag in an airsoft skirmish and god it saved me so much time because the reload is just winding the clip instead of winding the useless p90 high caps. Its a must buy part for the p90. Also if youre left handed this would be a problem because place to insert the clip is on the left side.

-Little bit of a reload time
-good purchase
-1500 round mag
-very durable (dropped it on the ground on accident)
- also good for people who also own a m4 with hi capa clips

- you can just hold the trigger and the bbs fly
- not so good for left handed players

i would give this item a 9/10
by Connor T. on 2011-10-03 10:23:05
"This box mag is a must for all people with a P90. We all know that it is a pain to reload the P90 and finding mags and mag pouches that fit them is just as horrible. This box mag gives you an insane amount of ammo compared to carrying around a bunch of magazines plus the box mag looks just awesome with the M16 mag on the side of it. I get alot of compliments when I bring it to games and people now fear me more because they know I don't have to reload. Muahaha. But seriously this mag is amazing highly recommend it.

- Awesome ammo capacity.
- Much cheaper than tokyo marui box mag but works just as great.
- Allows you to fit a large type battery up front instead of being limited to a small type in the stock.
- Looks downright awesome!

- Didn't know about it until I had my P90 for 4 months _:(
by Janet B. on 2011-09-07 20:37:24
"Can this box mag be paired with a Lonex "flash mag" for little winding and maximum performance? If not this product is amazing with zero problems.
by Jon B. on 2010-08-31 13:16:45
"are midcaps compatible with this item? Because I don't have any hicaps but I have tons of midcaps and I would like to order some hicaps with it if i have to.

WEbmaster:No, must be hicap because the bb flows into the resovour.
by Daniel F. on 2009-03-08 13:22:24
Feeds great! A steam of bb without skipping at all. I used a JG M4 hicap and a KWA M4 hicap, both feeds SUPERB
Easy to install. Took me 0.5 seconds. Goes in just like a regular p90 mag. You might need to push it down a bit to click in and "whala" Remember to leave your M4 magazine's bb chamber open.

I guess if you are left can get kinda in your way. (The M4 mag and mag well).

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)