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Matrix High Grade Real Wood Furniture Set for Echo1 HMG A&K PKM SAW Series Airsoft AEG

1 Customer Review

by Jeffrey L. on 04/14/2014
"The wood quality on this kit is actually very nice. It has a beautiful finish and is solid in its construction. It does have a rather light feel to it however. This is good because it doesn't add much weight at all to the gun but it might be able to handle much abuse so go easy when you use this in a game.

Since this is a wood product the cut of everyone's kit may be different so I can only really commend on how mine installed and you can make your decision based off of that.

The fitting of everything was very tight so make sure you are careful when installing the handle since the wood is thin on parts.

I was worried how the handle would hold up supporting the weight of the gun but I can say after swinging it around with one hand on the grip it seems to be holding up nicely. Very solid fitting after I torqued the screw down but at first it didn't want to sit properly.

The stock is probably the piece everyone is the most concerned about here. Like I said earlier the cutting might be different on every kit but on mine the size is smaller when compared to the plastic stock. It attached to the body with only a slight gap but when I put the metal plate on the stock the height was way off. The bottom attached fine but when you look at the top there is a very noticeable gap between the wood and the metal. When attaching the screw I had to bend the metal down to the wood to tighten it properly but it did just has a gap. I could probably fit two quarters in the gap...........might not be a problem with all of them but if it is........up to you if this bothers you.

In addition to the above problem I also had a problem with the compartment door behind the shoulder rest on the stock catching on the inside of the wooden cavity and not closing. This could be solved by sanding down the wood inside.

Very nice finish
Came with no damage to the wood
WAY cheaper than buying a real PKM wood stock
Completes that "wood and steel" look.

Might not hold up the best over time.
Had problems with the sizing of the stock (might not be a problem with all the kits).

Overall I am very happy since I was tired of the all-black look of the PKM and this with the Core rail kit for the PKM make for a very aggressive looking gun. Don't let my problems discourage you from buying the kit. Even if you just buy it for the stock I think it is worth the cost.