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G&P Complete M4 Metal Receiver & Gearbox Airsoft AEG ProKit (G&P USA) Rear Wire / Black

4 Customer Reviews

by Keith S. on 12/24/2013
"First off let, me say that the feel and finish of the body is amazing. The paint job is nice and looks anodized and the marking standout well enough but I dont think that they're eched in. the stock mount and the threads for the delta ring are a pretty tight fit so be carefull. The gear box is very nice and is lube decently enough but I wanted to down grade to play cqb so let me go over the important stuff.

Bearings instead of bushings
m120 linear spring
standard ratio gears
16 gauge wiring
G&P m120 high speed...motor wires for motor needs screws inorder to mount
polycarb piston
plastic spring guide
dust isn't not supposed to close
also trigger is a bit tricky just a heads up

great body
solid gear box
good motor
diy starter kit for a good price $128
body is solid and doesnt wabble about
if none of your batteries are wired to deans you might have a problem
some mags might not work, pmags wobble a lot
trigger guard also wobbles a lot
bolt catch is very secure makes a lot of noice

Overall a great body and kit if you want to built a new gun but don't have the time or know how to buld it from scratch. Great for outdoors if you dont want to change the spring and the trigger response on a 9.6 is actually not half bad either. BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by Kimberly M. on 10/20/2013
"ok so i noticed that this has no reviews....idk how because this is freaking amazing. i built my custom gun using this and with a 9.6v 5000 mah battery my fire rate is 27bps. it comes with a high speed motor which in my opinion is much better than the matrix high speed motor. also with the m120 spring and a decent hop up and barrel you will be shooting over 400 fps. this is great to buy if you already have an m4 and you can put the parts from that onto this. GREATEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE PERIOD. buy this and put some more reviews up -___-
by William N. on 06/23/2015
"From my previous experience with g&p guns, I expected nothing less than the best with this. I got this yesterday and put it together with the g&p golfball furniture kit, a g&p hop-up, and an angel custom 6.01 tightrope barrel. Let me say that I love it!!! Or at least until the teeth on the piston got stripped. I had no problems other than that, and I will be fixing it with a high-speed aluminum piston. The teeth tore up while my younger brother was spraying the gun on full auto. Other than that, he gearbox was amazing and with the gun built I had a decent fps (not sure of exact but I estimate about 360) and an amazing rof.

Pro: fun to work with
Rate of fire

Plastic piston In such a high rate of fire gun
by Derek C. on 07/17/2014
"This peice was made of some really materials. I was really looking forward to using this without modifications. However, like all good things, you need to put some time in to it. When I open the box, the first thing I notice was that it was front wired AND in Tamiyas!!! I specifically bought this receiver for the fact that it was rear wired an in dean's. I almost felt deceived like, what else is different from the description?! Other than that, this gear box and receiver is one of the best quality I've seen In airsoft. Also the hole where you put the screw for the buffer tube isn't lined up correctly so I needed to file it so it would fit.
Pros: looks really nice
Nice and stiff safety
Good materials
Great motor

Cos: still needs work out of the box
Was front wired when description said it was rear
In Tamiyas when description said it was in dean's
The hole that allows the buffertube screw to attach to gearbox was mis-aligned