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G36V Style Carrying Handle w/ Integrated Dot Sight & 3.5X Scope For G36 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black)

7 Customer Reviews

by Dylan P. on 03/17/2014
"So, I just received this today and slapped it on my G36 in a few minutes. If you are replacing your previous sniper scope on your G36, keep your screws and covers, mine didn't come with 3 screws, just 2. Also, a side note, the screws, (new or old ones) won't hold inside mine properly. I'm not saying this is an issue with every one, probably just an issue where the screws go in, might have gotten stripped. I'm just going to glue mine into place. The alignment for the red dot was already perfect, no adjustments needed, same with the sniper scope. The battery compartment is that oversized looking plastic screw next to the red dot sight. It's a tad sensitive to contact after the battery is in. But unless you're deliberately poking it, it's not really an issue. I'd say it was worth every penny though.
by Steven L. on 01/18/2014
"just received this scope several days ago, and installed it on my ics g33 two tone. required a very easy 5 minute modification to slide completely in place. after removing the original rail on the ics, shave off the 2 "tabs" on the sides of the front edge of the rear post. once shaved, the post should be flat on all sides, and the scope will slide on completely. it will still be a very snug fit, and the screws will barely fit through each hole, but it will work. if not, it's nothing you can't fix with a few minutes of sanding/filing, or less time if you have a dremel.

-nice reticle on the scope, easy to aim.
-good red dot, simple on/off switch on the side
-sturdy when mounted, no shaking/movement between scope and gun.
-works very well on ics g33. adjustable cheek rest makes the red dot perfect on this gun.

-may require easy modification (sanding/cutting) for a proper fit on some guns.
-eye relief for the magnified scope may be bad for some people (have to get right up to the scope)
by joseph r. on 08/11/2012
"Got this yesterday and I'm glad I did. It looks great. The dot sight is very helpfull if you wear a full face mask. The 3.5x sight is clear and also looks great. Gotta get prety close to it to see trough it though. Its worth it just for the looks.

Looks great and gives it the real deal look.
Light weight.
Comes with batterys.
Dot sight helps with quick targetting.
Scope is clear and not fuzzy.

Gotta get close to the scope to see through it clearly.

All in all, Good addition to your g36. I don't regreat buying it. If your concidering it, Just get it. You won't be disapointed.
by John B. on 08/19/2014
"I just got this sight in the mail and overall the construction quality is average. The scope works fine, though the eye relief could be better, however the red dot feels pretty cheap . The on-off switch for it is very loose and the red dot is more of a red blob. Overall for the money it is probably a better option to buy the version with the rail above the scope and buy yourself a mini red dot sight.
Also note that this carry handle WILL NOT fit the ICS G33 without modification.
by Victor F. on 06/08/2014
"First Off,

I bought this hand carrier for my G39 rifle, with that in mind I knew I was taking a risk as this part might have not been appropriate for my rifle.I did manage to make it fit, the screws need to be slightly longer so its safely and tightly secured, it still in place and wont move but my standard screws wont fit properly.
As far as scope goes, it isn't very effective. the sight from the 3.2 X scope is too small and doesn't work well with full face masks and if your mask suffers from fogging well, forget about this. However the 1x red dot is much better, sure you wont get the zoom but it works as good as any reddot out there but just like the 3.2 scope the reticule is a little small. Also the adjustment as in german so make sure what they mean before you try to adjust (or just tinker with it to figure it out)

+reddot/3.2x combo is a great feature!
+Will fit WE G39!!

-Sight reticules are a little small!!
-Will not fit all G36's
-Zoom Scope sits too low to be effectively used with facemasks

Overall, I will only recommend this Product if you are going for an Authentic G36 rifle. I will suggest the G36 IDZ combo instead (flat top RIS and Buttstock) as you will have greater range of scopes for your G36 and one that suits you and your mask. But Like I said, the 3.2 scope will not work well if you wear a full face mask, I will recommend for you to use goggles to effectively use this.
by Sean H. on 06/23/2014
"I bought this scope/handle for Operation Bad Blood. It slapped on in no time, so let's go down the list.

Looks cool.

Two scopes, twice the tactical.

Red dot works fantastic when the battery isn't being a pain, so does the 3x scope.

Carry handle is very useful for... carrying.

Figuring out the batteries, which way they go, keeping them from springing out of the holder.

The battery cover decided that it didn't want to hang out midgame and is lost somewhere in the woods now, never to be found. Gotta cludge up a fix for it now or I wasted 70 bucks.

When removing the battery holder once, one of the metal prongs/contacts got caught on the battery slots inner crevices and got bent and warped when pulled out, which I had to bend back into shape.

The spring inside the battery compartment isn't glued or otherwise 'held' in the 'bottom' of the battery compartment, and can (and has) fallen out on me.

The battery contacts are sensitive as hell, and I had to prod the battery cover to get the reddot to turn on half the time.

The 3x scope is hard to use with goggles if the stock is in the out position.

The screws/little screw cover bits were painful to deal with on both the stock rail and the scope. Not specific to this product, possible user error.

The price. Paid 70 bucks for all the hassle.

For all the problems I've had with this, the cons outweigh the pros by a large margin. I'll be keeping the scope assembly, but be careful with the battery assembly. It's the devil incarnate.
by Samuel R. on 05/22/2015
"Please, for the love of god, AVOID THIS SCOPE! I have a JG G36, it went on decently, after a bit of a struggle, but I was unable to zero it properly. As a matter of fact, when I tried to zero the red dot, it broke! The on/off switch became completely dysfunctional, and the light emitter was knocked far to the left. Currently trying to return it. Spare yourself the trouble.