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AG36 Grenade Launcher for G36 Airsoft AEG (Color: Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by Alisha A. on 04/02/2017
"Things amazing accidentally stripped the screw hole when trying to put it back together but nothing cant be fixed . installing batteries under it can be a pain. very tight fit on a Tokyo Marui just gonna have to force it.
by chris d. on 03/02/2016
"Awesome grenade launcher! Well made and durable with neat, even markings

Instantly makes you Johnny Bada$$

Installed on my WE G36K IDZ GBB--the flash hider interfered with the launcher, but it did fit very snugly; I ultimately extended both the inner and outer barrels, which unfortunately led to barrel wobble--not the launcher's fault

Be aware--the WE G36K does not have a free float barrel--the fore grip secures the barrel. The launcher does not have the same mechanism, so you may have a wobbly barrel. I used aluminum can shim material to stiffen the barrel at the point of connection with the body, as well as some thin sheet rubber at the front of the launcher to go under the barrel. The E length may have the same issue. And it will fit the G36C, but the barrel will come no where near exiting the hand guard...

Mine had an orange plastic ring glued on, using some of the strongest glue I've come up against

Working safety is very positive

Barrel is heavy duty, and only opens to the left, with a reliable and sturdy locking/release button

Retains the spent grenade in the barrel, rather than letting it fall on the ground

Body pin for the fore grip can only be inserted from the right, due to the sight. The head of the pin will therefore stick out a little. It is possible, but a PITA, to remove the sight, install the pin from the left, then reinstall the sight. But then you are stuck with the grenade launcher on your gun until you take the sight off again...

Extremely heavy--turns a very light, maneuverable weapon into a front heavy burden

Fired my SHS grenades, but would only fire one out of two of my King Arms grenades--YMMV

by Ramon M. on 01/17/2016
"Fits perfectly on my full size WE G36 not sure about other brand g36s but it does make you gun look menacing and futuristic, its bit front heavy (I suggest buy a sling) but you'll get used to it unless you lack strength, than its not for you. If you have the cash, I highly recommended this.
by Bryan C. on 02/28/2014
"i love the item it give it a mean look and it feel good in my hand and not that heavy at all and like how it functions it make it way easy to use and what made of and put together is pretty good just the part the sights looks a little cheap but overall it a pretty good buy
by Jacob B. on 01/28/2013
"I have had this for only a few months now, but I was pleased with it the instant I unboxed it. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy and solid the launcher felt. The nylon fiber always puts a smile on my face. The installation was literally seconds, just remove the front handguard of your G36 and it slides right in place of it. The only thing I didn't like was that the body pin would not press completely through because it was blocked by a piece of the launcher, this doesn't keep it from being secured fully in any way though. The only other thing I didn't like about this was the paint chips off pretty easily (which is a plus when removing the big ugly orange end which is also painted on). The fact that it takes 40mm shells makes it extremely easy to find rounds for it. Lefties beware, it is not ambidextrous, but is still perfectly usable. Reloads may just be a little awkward. This is a great and inexpensive launcher for G36's, a must have if you are a G36 enthusiast! It does make the weapon very front heavy and bulky, but excessive is my style so it doesn't bother me much!
[I installed this on the full length WE G39E with no modification, others may need to be modified]

-Takes 40mm shells
-Quick installation
-Simple to use!
-Looks great!
-Fair price for an uncommon product!
-Can be used stand-alone
-Functional safety and very cool side loading action

Cons: (if you insist)
-Paint can chip fairly easily
-Not Ambidextrous
by Jesse O. on 08/31/2012
"Well I got mine in the mail yesterday and man does this thing look sick on a g36kv. The build quality is really well done and the tube opens without flaw. It comes with a large orange ring around the barrel that appears to be painted on so be prepared to use some paint.

My one complaint is that my ICS multiple purpose shells get stuck in the barrel and the trigger is hard to pull on them, I will need to rule out the type of shell by using a teammate's shells tonight, but that was majorly disappointing.

All in all I'm still incredibly pleased with the unit and would recommend it.
by Jeff A. on 11/29/2011
"This is a great launcher and great addition to any collection. I have it on my WE g39c with a barrel entension.
It does say some modifocation may be required, and as a reply to the last person who cant get it on all the way: i had to remofe the mock gas tube assembly to get it to fit properly. All you have to do is punch out the pin holding it on and it will slide off. Note this is for a WE g39 and i am not sure what you would have to do for an AEG.

Pros: excellent build quality, not too heavy, tube is spring loaded so it will open from any angle, good finish, durable.

Cons: though the sight is removable, it can not be flipped to be used on opposite side (for lefties like me) but is still usable how it is. Other than that, none!

Another great product fron Ares! Well worth the money, just make sure you pick up a few grenades!
by eric b. on 06/27/2011
"This thing looks awesome plus it has a flip up sight if i had the money i would definitely by it.
these things are really expensive anybody know why?

Webmaster: It is quite a rare piece and the construction is very nice. In-fact, it is basically a grenade launcher by itself operating without the need of a rifle.
by Juan R. on 06/27/2011
"i got this at another place but its a great launcher for g36 enthusiasts. since the breech opens sideways, it can take bigger grenades than m203s which is a good advantage. some modification is required for other brand g36, i know i had to mod it to fit my E1 g36k.
by Caesar D. on 01/29/2010
"This kit includes the outer barrel assembly so it will fit G36C, G36K, G36 Rifle and other similar models.

Makes your compact rifle look like a SAW...with a lot of fire power.
by Norman P. on 11/07/2011
"i was happy i bought this attachment for g36k, however i have been unable to get this thing to go on all the way so i can put the bolt in. it does also a make a great standalone launcher.