Reviews: Matrix Tactical X47 Rail System for AK Series Airsoft AEG (Black)

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Model: RIS-H-X047
Location: D5-083

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by Kyle L. on 2014-05-22 08:24:29
"AEG: Echo-1 RedStar VMG74M (AK74M)

At first glance, unboxing the rails look VERY pretty. Although they're made of a cast metal, they're pretty light. My box was opened by customs so I am unsure if anything was missing but I am under the impression I should have gotten rail guards with the box; these weren't included. Aside from that, there were no instructions so I was stuck guessing which screws went where...Which kind of sucked because there were two different lengths of screws that were similar; yet not the same.

Impressions on quality...The metal is cast, and I can tell its a softer metal and might potentially snap/break under high stress. If you are the kind of player who likes to smack their rifle into bunkers, etc; you may want to forgo this. Its a very solid grip once put together with no shaking or moving on the rifle; which is fantastic. However, the screws can and will strip the threads. So make sure that when you screw it in, you're not unscrewing it again; or that you're putting in the right screw in the first place. That being said there are plenty of screws; and if you mess one up its not a big deal.

It DEFINITELY makes the AK look better, potentially lightens it up and gives it a lot of space for PEQ boxes, flashlights, lasers, etc. The top rail runs the full length of the rifle and provides plenty of options for M4 like attachments (Doubling the scopes up, etc.) I'd recommend it to anyone looking for plenty of rail space on their AK. It looks intimidating and will definitely bring your presence on the field out more. You're not going to find another system that offers quite as much rail space for an AK platform.

Also, this fit the Echo-1 AK74...The Echo-1 is basically a twin of the CYMA 74M so it will fit as well. The 74's are a bit of a larger platform than the 47's, so you'll notice it being a bit harder to get on...It may require a bit of elbow grease and mucking with the gas tubing; but it'll fit. All in all, I'm happy for the price.


Tons of rail space, replaces the polymer guards pretty well, the weight is still relatively down; if not lighter than the polymer grips. Turns any AK into a tacticool killing machine. Can still keep stock AK sight on.


Specifically for the Echo-1 VMG, there's not a ton of space for these rails. You're going to scratch where the Gas Tube for the AK is. It takes some elbow grease, but they will fit. Unfortunately the folding stock still won't fold, this however can be mitigated by sanding down a bit of the left grip. Still a better solution than the slide mount on the side.

My biggest issue with the rail system by far is the screws...They strip the threads. It would have been nice to see the rail system have been made of a less malleable metal for the screws and bolts to do that.
by Dan G. on 2010-09-16 15:59:34
"i was wondering does this work for cyma ak underfolding stock

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)