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Full Metal Receiver for AK47 series Airsoft AEG (Fixed / Full Stock)

3 Customer Reviews

by Cedric B. on 11/30/2017
"Sehr schön und passt exakt zu meiner cyma ak47 aeg cm 0.28 full stock dankö😉
by Kevin B. on 11/30/2009
"This is a good, inexpensive metal body for an AK-47.
When I got this, I was on a budget so the very fancy $120 shells costs more than my gun (Which I've put good use into for 3-4 years and finally had the plastic body breakdown). So this was a good option.
I was a little pessimistic until it arrived. The finish was smoothed (Sanded in one direction from front to back slightly, but still very smooth) with a gun-blueing finsh that you find on most firearms today.
There were metal buttons on the sides the didn't serve a purpose further than aestetic, which didn't interfere with anything and looked nice.
The material seems to be sturdy steel so I feel I could drop this wothout a problem, although the rest of the gun wouldn't like it....
In order to get all my parts to go from the stock plastic box the this one I had to file down a couple spots where the parts didn't fit PRECISELY (There was sore of a fin aroudn the stock section that kept the plastic buttstock from fitting which a little filing fixed perfectly. Also, the wiring from the gearbox was in the way of it going in completely, so I filed it flush to the rest of the box and it fit perfectly.)
All the front end parts fir nicely, but the trigger release needed some shortening, then worked fine, no mag wiggle at all!

Overall it's a great product for people who just don't want to put another 50% into one part or want to keep, maintain, and use more than one gun.
Albeit, I don't know what the brand is for this metal body (My AK is an Aftermath Kraken, I believe a CYMA or TM rip off (CM.028 GB), so every part should and usually does fit the same).
by Raphael C. on 10/29/2013
"I bought it to install on my Classic Army (SAS M7).
It seems to be very strong and dont have markings.

Classic Army magazine wobble alot and dont feed properly the chamber. (I dont know which brand magazine I must buy, I'll try Cyma).

Classic Army reciver top inner cover fits but you'll cant insert the screw on it. (the holes are not aligned).

Its a good body, but not for Classic Army.