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G&P Complete M4 Metal Receiver & Gearbox Airsoft AEG ProKit (Skull Frog) - Rear Wire / Dark Earth

4 Customer Reviews

by Neal R. on 12/28/2015
"I'm guessing the guy above got a bad one out of the batch my receiver was perfect in every way bolt catch worked flawlessly , selector switch had a nice firm click on every selection the gearbox was shimmed darn close to perfect , with a 363 mm 6.01 tightbore and prowin hopup maple leaf bucking I was getting 447 fps perfect for dmr 👍 great gearbox high rate of fire the absolutely only con for this is the m120 motor has ferrite magnets which get extremely hot after one match my hand was burning on the grip it stung. i recommend buying a lonex a1 or tienly 45,000 motor and its good !!
by Kristian B. on 02/01/2014
"I would like to modify my original review as I was frustrated at a minor nuances but after looking at the receiver kit I let those minor things skew my view of the product. The receiver is not only visually appealing but it feels very solid, giving it a very realistic feel to any AEG you make out of it. The special Seal Team Six receiver engravings and the trigger guard are also a very nice touch. I one thing I didn't like and didn't expect was the fact that the bolt catch is non functioning, causing the bolt catch to rattle and fall out when breaking down the receivers in a breakdown case. Also the dust cover does not close due to a bulge in the part that clips on to the inside of the breach. Now here's the original problem & solution that caused me to be frustrated and write the negative review: The fake bolt has a bulge at the bottom of it that does not clear part of the inner upper receiver and it causes problems overall. the solution is to sand or file down the bottom of the fake bolt in order to allow the bolt to slide back and forth.


- Full metal (CNC Aluminum)
- One of the few Dark Earth full metal receivers
- Self retaining pin making it easy to field strip
- Inexpensive internal and external upgrade for a performance AEG
- Comes with M120 motor and Deans connector


- Have to modify the fake bolt to use the charging handle
- Dust cover does not close
- Bolt catch lever non-functioning, loose so it can be lost easily when field stripping
- Some Hop up units need to be modified to fit alongside the gearbox.
by Bill B. on 05/13/2017
"This is my review of my very own G&P Skull Frog Gearbox and Receiver. Yours may be different:

-Very nice and sturdy construction
-Cool trades
-Different Trigger guard from your standard M4
-Nice ROF out-of-box with 7.4 1200mAH
-Around 420-400 fps (depends on barrel)
-Relatively straight-forward compatibility & assembly with various RISes and outer barrels, as well as stocks.

Now, for the cons... (does not outweigh Pros in my opinion)
-Charging handle. The spring seems longer than necessary, and bunches up when smushed together with the lower, complicating putting in a hop-up and getting good air-seal.
-Bolt catch does not function (not really super bad, just a little realism would be cool)
-Dust cover does not lock into place.
-Pro-Win HO is a little finicky, may just be mind though.
-Piston made need an upgrade

Overall, 4.3/5. Extremely impressed with exterior quality, interior is normal G&P quality, however a chain is as strong as it's weakest link. Would recommend a new piston for AOE, but it's not a huge issue until you put a lot of rounds in it.
by Kristian B. on 01/30/2014
"I got this receiver kit hoping for good internals and externals. I can honestly say that the receiver itself feels very solid but there were a few things I couldn't ignore.

Pros: Solid construction

Cons: Bolt and charging handle have too much resistance, do not fit well
- Bolt release does not function like most G&P guns
- Selector switch is not responsive.