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MAG M249 Electric Winding Box Magazine with Remote for M249 Series Airsoft AEG (Woodland)

6 Customer Reviews

by Luke S. on 12/13/2016
"This mag is amazing! I've used it for over 7 months now and have well over 10k bbs through it. I had and A&k box mag that broke so I bought this. I have had ZERO issues with it and am about to buy a second. I would HIGHLY recommend this box mag.

Pressure switch to control feeding
Winding spring inside gears is reinforced
Smaller size and the clip holds well.
The head of the mag detaches from feeder coil preventing damage to feeder coil

Cons:(not many)
wiring has been an issue with a few different mags, but that's wires pinched
The mag can be hard to load into the gun at times

Overall, I love the mag! (It's also called a nutsack if you hear that term thrown around)
by Trevor W. on 10/03/2015
"This thing is pretty sweet. It's smaller than the A&K standard box mag, carries the same amount of rounds, and rarely jams.
High winding rate (keeps up with just about anything)
High capacity
Color scheme

Price (worth it though)
No sound control (can be pro as well)
Small loading window (I just use a water bottle cut in half to load it)
Takes 9v batteries instead of AA (can be pro as well)
Difficult to open up in the event of a jam (jamming rarely happens though)
by Luke V. on 07/22/2015
"This box mag is far superior to the A&k box mag. The feeding system is far simpler therefore it is much less prone to jamming. It is also much easier to strip apart and clean because there are no exposed wires. I would recommend this or the Classic army box mag if you use a saw a lot.
by Anthony G. on 03/26/2016
"Got this just in time for first game of the season. Love the compact size of it and the ability to still hold 2500 rounds. Overall I love the box mag. Only issue I had was I had feeding issues. At first I thought my ROF was set too high and I was out shooting the mag. I was out shooting my mag but then turned it down slightly. Then I was having jamming issue. The mag wasn't feeding into the tube. I would have to shake the box mag vigorously until it unjammed and I heard the gears unwind. Could be because I was putting alot of rounds down field at a constant rate instead of bursting. I'll find out more next time I play.

Compact size
Ammo capacity
Uses a 9v (keeps up with higer ROF setup)
Love the pressure switch

Fill hole is small. Really small. Reloading in the field is impractical.
Mine has feeding issue at times.
The CA adapter was not glued together when I received it. Something from the factory.

For 100$ I was hoping to not have any jamming but time will tell.
by Joseph C. on 07/08/2015
"I bought this about 4 months ago and used it 4 times. In that i have had nothing but issues and problems. the first is that if your using an A&k this will not fit in correctly and will require slight modification. Next is the way that you have to feed the BBs into the mag, there is a small port that is no bigger than a dime. This is absurd because we support gunners have to carry 1000 rounds in that little box mag which is a pain. After the first use of the box mag the pressure switch actually broke off of the wire. The way the wires where connected looks like what happens when you teach a 10 year old how to soder wiring. Overall the last one could just be me but the other two are for everyone ( i have multiple 249's), but when the box mag did work it was quiet, efficient, and most of all it kept up with my 33 RPS.
by James H. on 11/13/2015
"I bought this for my a&k m249 and the first day I had it (no play time with it) it stopped working. We took it apart and tried to fix it but it still isn't working, because of this I had to buy another one because I was going to a milsim event and there was no more time. The second one lasted through the event although it ran very
rough it would stop working and would I hit it and it just started working again. As soon as I got home it quit working, now I have two to fix. Overall it is definently better
then the junky a&k box mag when it is working. Also if you have a and a&k m249 it will take modification to fit right.


-study construction
-pressure switch
-works well (when working)
-small size (not good for looks but it works beautifully for functionality)
-holds a lot for its small size
-better than a&k box mag
-rebuild kits available


-terrible wiring
-not as good as it should be for the price
-may not work out of the box
-modification needed for a&k m249