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Super Realistic M249 5.56 Cartridge Belt (Fake Dummy Shell / Bullets) - set of 12

8 Customer Reviews

by Joel G. on 07/15/2017
"Fits perfectly in my A&K Mk46 SAW and the A&K woodland 1500 round box mag.
It really completes the gun.
by Elijah S. on 08/12/2013
"I bought five of these to complete my battlefield 3 support class setup. These (in my opinion) are worth it for me. Having a belt hooked up to your M249 is cool yeah but having that and an ammo belt around your neck is badass. On the plus side, the bullets look and feel like the real deal, and I have plenty of experience with the real deal from tours in Afghanistan. It's very good quality metal and is intimidating. It changed the whole look to your team believe me. I got a lot of compliments when I went to airsoft matches with these. They said they wouldn't want to mess with me if this was the real deal. These things are great. Also, these are great for getting you spotted if you expose these in bulk... It brought back some memories haha.

Looks, feels like real deal
Good quality metal
Looks badass
Looks intimidating
Great for getting you spotted and pinned down for 10 minutes...
Brings back good memories of the service days, Hoorah!

The price I am sure is a - for some
These will get you pinned down for ten minutes...
People think you're a gear whore apparently... ( I showed them...)
by Mikhail K. on 12/21/2008
"Are the rounds removable from the belt? If it's removable, does it have holes in it to house the electric wiring? I need this to decorate my JG M4 CQB-R.

Webmaster: The rounds are removable from the link just like real bullet chains. No holes. All internal wiring are custom work done by players.
by Nicholas M. on 07/21/2008
"These make your M249 look AWESOME!!! they are realistic and give a great touch to the gun. Gives a whole new feel to your squad.
by Kevin m. on 06/28/2008
"Got the cheap $10 stuff from a halloween place but eventually had to switch to these. These are realistic weight and full metal. It is the closest to the real thing you can get. Very nice decoration and super detailed.
by Nick M. on 09/21/2016
"Bought a set of these recently (past week or two) for my m249. Links are steel, and marked with "dbt 3 m27 m249" on each link. Bullets are legit 5.56 size for me, minus the nose being longer than a standard 5.56. they're a few mm too long to fit even in an m4 mag. However all the other sizes are right. The casing and bullet are two separate parts that screw into each other. loctite the threads or you're gonna lose the nose of the bullets. (They get loose just from firing the rifle) overall I was happy UNTIL I wanted to adjust the length of the belt. The links are a very hard steel and they are made with a very harsh bend that makes it near impossible foe the belt to flow freely as It should. Just trying to straighten one out actually broke the link into 3 pieces.

On another note though, being as the reviews are so contradictory, it's like evike sells a totally different type of belt monthly... So I would say it's a gamble as to what you're gonna get.

fits in m249
All solid metal/steel

Stiff steel links
Loose bullets in their casings
by Daniel B. on 08/22/2016
"I picked these up a couple of weeks ago to use on my Krytac Lmg Enhanced. They look pretty realistic except for where the primer would be. The problem is that these are not 5.56 bullets. These are 5.45x39, which is very close to the 5.56 but has a longer projectile which makes it very difficult for the rounds to fit in gun trays designed for 5.56 like the Krytac. I am making it work, but Evike needs to talk to the distributer because this product is not what they are portraying it to be. I compared this to live real steal 5.56 m855 ammo, which is commonly used in a m249, and these were clearly not 5.56.
by Kristopher F. on 06/27/2008
"A good looking accessory but the cartridges get scratched up and pretty rough looking really fast. The bullets themselves screw into the casing and sometimes almost fall out because they unscrew themselves. A little loc-tite or super glue is a good fix. The links themselves are weak and I've had one break on me but its no biggie.