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AIM Sports Ergonomic Vertical Tactical Foregrip

10 Customer Reviews

by lailae f. on 01/02/2011
"great grip i put it on my g3 and it fits fine. the grip feels nice and looks awesum on my g3. no complaints its awesum grip
by Jay B. on 12/21/2008
"I have to say, this porduct is awesome. I don't know what an actual Vert Grip for an actual AR, but this is great. It may be little bulky for some, but if you want that real feel then this product is for you. It slid on perfectly, no hammer needed. Has two slots for two different pressure switches. Construction is awesome. Highly recommend this procut. I use this one for my G&G M4 CQB-S looks great.
by james ?. on 07/24/2008
"If you have a M4 or a AK, you'll love this grip. It's ergonomic design is very comfortable to hold. The rails on the side slides off so you can convinently fit your pressure switches in them (one on each side if you have that many). The bottom compartment screws open to hold CR123A batteries (two of them). It holds on to rails very tight and secure. You can't get any better, this is the best grip out there!
by Josh S. on 05/02/2008
"Nice grip. Much more comfortable than the regular type. The finger grooves give a nice, confident grip on the gun.
by William R. on 03/13/2015
"Had to file down the rail mount area as it was too narrow to fit on the rails as was. Only took 5 minutes to get it to fit but still...

Other than that feels great and looks like it should. No wobble. Should work out perfectly for anyone if you like bigger vertical grips.
by Walter D. on 12/12/2008
"Had this product for about 6 months.

-You could go cheaper and get a more simplistic grip if you need to carry some batteries or just want a comfortable grip then i guess this is for you. Overall price is 5 dollars to much, a fair price would be around 15.00 USD.

Quality: 3.5/5
- The quality is better than average. Build quality is So-So because of the obvious seam along the center of the grip ( could be hidden better) and the fact that the plastic used to build it is easily worn down. I have scratches all over the bottom of it. What i have also seen is that if you accidentally screw the tube, which has the nub on top that goes between the rail pieces, improperaly then it will become deformed(easily).

Overall: 3.7/5
Build material and quality could be better. I would personally go for something a little cheaper because the cheaper grips will accomplish the same task(unless you want to carry some batteries and what not). The grip is also bigger than i expected which also (at least for me) wasn't too great. The good things is that its pretty comfortable( glove size - medium, just incase your wondering the size of my hand) and, as stated above, that little hidden compartment.
by Justin G. on 09/18/2008
"This is a good product, but I had some issues. The rail port, portion of the product that slides onto the RIS rail, was not cut correct. The port was not cut wide enough, so it was VERY difficult to slide(or knock it on with a hammer like I had to do; I hope I never need to get it off bc it may not be possible) the grip onto the rail system. However, after I got around that issue, it was great(I MEAN IT THIS GRIP FEELS AMAZING)!!! I would recommend this product even with the problem I had.
by Daniel H. on 05/03/2008
"I just want to reiterate what was already stated. It is VERY comfortable. However, I found that it was a bit big for my tastes, as I'm used to the standard vertical grips. I've also found that it's more comfortable to use on M249's with the lower RIS installed. It distributes weight more evenly on top of your fist when you hold it.
by Noah T. on 04/27/2016
"I think I might have received a bad one. It's a little wobbly and required me to sand it down before it would fit on my gun. But for the price, it was pretty worth it.
by Jarod K. on 05/07/2008
"i was ok with this part, it feels nice and is well weighted but it seems nearly impossible to fit on my RAS system