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Tactical Folding Vertical Support Grip for RIS / RAS / Weaver (Black)

20 Customer Reviews

by shane h. on 08/22/2015
"I put this grip on my ICS CXP TransforM4 and it feels nice. Being $12 its worth your buy if you just want it for the looks

-easy installation
-feels nice
-its a good size for your hand
-it is cheap
-its polymer so its not going to crack

-it has a little wobble but its nothing major
by Phillip C. on 07/13/2015
"I bought this for a custom G18c carbine/submachine gun build I've been working on. Great quality grip, looks awesome on the gun, and surprisingly helps with the kick firing that beast on automatic.
by Mitchell G. on 05/30/2013
"This folding fore grip is well worth the $12.00 that they are selling it on here for. I got one for my FAMAS from a local airsoft shop for $15 but it is the exact same thing. It is fairly comfortable when you have it unfolded.
It is about 4" long so there is plenty to grab onto. It does have wobble to it when unfolded, but it isn't to bad. Just do not put a lot of strain on it by really pulling on it when unfolded and you shouldn't break it.

-easy to install
-has a good feel to it
-in mine and my team's opinion it looks good (really helps complete the look of the FAMAS)

-with use the wobble will get worse and not to sure if you can really tighten it.
-may break if your being foolish with it.
by Eric R. on 02/15/2011
"i got this grip for my jg ak47s ris and it works graet its very easily installable,it dont wiggle that much (unless u dont tighten the bolt enough),and it folds easily (the kid that said its hard to press down da buttun is weak cuz it is very easy like me im 9 yrs old and its very easy),over all i give this grip a 5 stars grade cus all the good stuff about it o and its not easily brakable also i just love this gripp
by Benjamin C. on 03/07/2010
"I have this on my CYMA AK-47. It is a very good grip, little wobble, and great for CQB action. i recommend buying it.

Although; 18.00 is sort of expensive for this. it is a very durable plastic, however; it is still plastic.
by Reid G. on 03/09/2009
"Can anyone tell me if this grip is compatible w/ the jg g36c?

Webmaster: It is compatible with the JG MK36C. The MK36C has a bottom rail.
by Travis R. on 11/14/2008
"~~~~~~Will this work with the JG M4 S-System Rifle?~~~~~~
by Justin G. on 09/18/2008
"Fellas this is a great grip: installs easily, never wobbles, works flawlessly(switching from one position to the next), and looks great. Nothing more you could ask for.
by Tariq N. on 09/07/2008
"I got this with my JG AK47. Perfect grip. folds, and is very sturdy. I have never felt it is really sturdy. Also, it won't break. Ever. I tried to pull the grip open while the screw was still in (I didn't know...I was a noob) and it did not break.
by Jacob V. on 08/14/2008
"Redundant, sure, but the grip is easy enough to operate, certainly affordable and holds rails tight. Its back is completely open and is hollow, though, making it a little awkward on the palm/thumb, but I'm over it.
by Wes K. on 07/17/2008
"Yea i Agree i have no problems with it...The guy that said he had trouble pressing the button must be like 4 cuz it isnt hard at all....Also it went right on my gun and was stable it didnt even wiggle so im very inpress with this grip
by David K. on 07/02/2008
"Very good grip. Was looking at the Laylax one for a while but just couldn't buy it because its $99! Glad that G&P released it. It works on ak and M4, since it folds and its cheap I got one for each of my rifle. It folds out of your way when you don't need it and steady your shot when you are engaging. Very useful and durable.
by paul h. on 06/09/2008
"first off this is extremly releyable in evrey way i put this on my ak and it has helped alot whether i was a sniper or infantry one time i was a sniper and borrowed my friends scope and this sturdyed my shot so well that i hit a guy in the ear
by Scott H. on 06/09/2008
"I have had this veticle hand grip for a while now and it is real nice to have as an attachment for your airsoft gun. Its easy to put on your gun and remove and plus you could have it set for CQB or outdoor. Its a great hand grip I personaly like this grip for my gun.
by Joseph C. on 08/05/2012
"All in all i think this grip is pretty decent for what you pay for. But on the second day i had mine i thought i'd broken it because the grip wouldn't lock into place. so i just took it apart to find some of the plastic stripped on the inside but after i re-assembled it, it locked into place again. all in all just be careful with it. it's plastic and the inside can strip easily if fallen on or misused.

folds for more versatility
pretty solid
pretty good material

can strip easily
a little wobble (what do you expect? it's made in china)
could have been SLIGHTLY longer