Reviews: Angel Custom Alpha Pro Zero Trigger System For VSR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

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Model: AC-VSR-KIT04
Location: D4-124

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by Austin R. on 2014-03-31 22:44:18
"The cylinder head threads are too long; it bottomed out on the cylinder threads, so I had to use my stock CH. On a positive note, the polymer bushings on the piston are great and removed the tough bolt push I was having with my old Angel piston.
by craig g. on 2014-01-13 13:28:44
"My Ctac vsr-10 developed the slam fire we all know and hate. So this unit looked to be a decent choice as I wanted to upgrade my piston as well. I still don't think 5 days to pick an order is acceptable, but what have you.
This unit came shipped with everything I needed to back into my vsr-10. Took apart my rifle, removed the old trigger and the Alpha fit directly on without any issues what so ever. When it was time to drop in the piston I did have to sand away a decent amount to the delrin bushings to get the piston to slide freely on my cylinder otherwise the piston would stick. Once sanded it went together perfectly. Put it all back together and presto, time ti try it out.
I am using a 130 sprint and was getting about 420-430 stock, with the new piston and same spring I'm now getting about 440-450. The cylinder head seat into my bucking better and I guess thats where the increase in fps comes from.
My only complaint is the trigger itself. It's really sharp, at least this one is, it tore through my gloves after 40 or so rounds. I've since dremeled to to a smoother profile. I would have to say, other than the unit costing 50% of what my gun cost it's a good upgrade and a must have over any stock trigger for a vsr-10.
by Jesse L. on 2013-10-14 09:14:07
"Good trigger, does what it is supposed to. I'm currently running mine on a m190 spring.

90 degree trigger
comes with matching piston and cylinder head

Spring guide stopper needed modification
Extremely stiff trigger pull
Piston sear does not always catch
by Paul F. on 2013-06-04 19:39:17
"This trigger seat is slightly off-spec from my JG BAR10 G-Spec. I had to carefully place it to ensure that it lined up with stock screw holes appropriately. It did mesh up, but be advised when installing you will want to seat one screw partially and then start the other. Do not try to do one completely then the other. Also, the stock trigger guard seemed to sit farther away, making the rear screw slightly too short to fully engage the rear of the housing. I had to shave the spacer some and affect a slight bend in the plastic to engage fully. While it has provisions for a safety, the stock BAR10 safety's design is not compatible with this trigger set. As such, if you upgrade, you will no longer have a functioning safety. Additionally, after around 100 or so shots, the rubber tip on the piston detached in the cylinder causing misfires. I have applied super glue to try and ensure it remains intact but have not yet had a chance to retest the piston.

I have been thusfar happy with the performance of the trigger, though it is a rather stiff pull on a 170 spring.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)