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Steel LR300 Style Skeleton Folding Stock for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG

4 Customer Reviews

by A.C. B. on 12/04/2008
"I used my friends LR the other day, and it had a similar stock. Very compact and very comfortable. That said, is this stock suitable for a JG M4 without much modification?
by Dick C. on 06/19/2008
"Ah, yes. Aha... Also remember this stock is intended for LR300 type weapons, which in the real world have an entirely different bolt than the M4, one which does not move into the rear of the weapon, where the buffer tube would be on an M4. If you get this for a standard M4 type weapon, you will have to saw off some of the rear of the reciever to install it as is. Or devise some sort of tube kind of extension as in the ICS version of TSF stock. Then you will have to pretend (simulate) that your rifle that looks exactly like an M4, actually houses an LR300 type bolt. I own the JG TSF commando, it looks fantastic, and is quite compact when folded. I love it, as I do everything from the PRC. It came with the stock off, I had to install it myself. You can see where it was sawed off the on end of the reciever. Good for patrolling in jungle or for when you find tunnels.
by Alvin T. on 06/11/2008
"To fold this stock.
1) Hold the gun in a position where the barrel is away from you.
2) (assuming you are right handed). Hold the receiver with your left hand.
3) Grab onto the slim part of the stock with your right hand. Put your thumb (on the right hand) on the bock in the front.
4) Lift up the stock wih the rest of your four finger while the thumb pushing down.
5) Now the stock will be "unlocked" and you can fold it.

Done it a million times and its really not that hard to fold the stock. Your M4 is alot more compact than a retractable LE stock with this stock. (Not to mention a cool look).

Easy to install.

Very durable, the entire stock is made out of metal.

Don't see any reason to take off points on this item.
by Timothy C. on 06/11/2008
"This isn't great, on a stock m4 the the tube on the end after taking off the retracting stock is too long, so the the screw the comes with this doesnt work. when you use the screw from the original stock it fits but sticks out way too much for comfort. the only way is to saw down the tube to make it shorter. even then i dont know about the folding, it is WAY too hard to get this stock to fold because there really isnt any button or anything. if anything its just a cool fixed stock (if you saw down nub on your gun)