Reviews: Triple Rail Set w/ Screws for Magpul PTS MOE / MASADA / ACR Handguards - Black


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Model: Rails-MOE-B

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by Jacob M. on 2015-07-19 20:34:18
"Worked on a normal m4 Nagpur handgaurd and are made of insanely high quality metal, they did what they were supposed to so 5/5
by Colleen E. on 2015-04-06 12:28:54
"Dont buy these they dont work with magpul pts moe rails
by Darion G. on 2013-07-29 11:03:48
"Works great on my A&K Masada. The other reviews must have installed it the wrong way as I had no trouble with the screws, and I didn't lose any battery space. If you get longer screws it will interfere with the battery. Overall very nice quality and very sturdy.
by Trevis S. on 2012-12-27 18:05:01
"This is one of the best accessories you can get for you Masada, ACR, or Magpul M4 Handguard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want to use flashlights, lasers, grips or other attachments. The reason I recommend this rather than the $90 RIS System for the Masada is because it is cheaper ($70 difference!), high quality (CNC Aluminum), and the rail space is spacious (especially the bottom rail!). I use it on my A&K Masada and it is amazing. There are going to be a few flaws of it though. You should beware that the screws that are provided are kind of short and do not fully fit the A&K Masada Handguard. I went to my local hardware store and picked up the same type of screws that are a little longer and those worked perfectly. The screw sizes were the Metric M5 .80 Hex head screws that are the same size as the ones provided. If you are unsure that they will fit the rail, just bring the rail and the screws that came with the rail and compare them to make sure they fit. I found them in no time.

-Cheap (Save $70 by buying this than the MASADA / Magpul PTS R.I.S. System. RIS also has less space.)

-Quality Built

-Easy To Attach (If you have the right screws)


-Looks nice

-The screws provided don't fit the A&K Masada (Buy the longer version of the screw at hardware stores)

-You have to put the side rails more towards the receiver of the gun or else the handguard won't fully close and you cannot put the pin in to connect it. (A&K Masada)

Overall this is one of the best products I got for my A&K Masada! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
by chris c. on 2012-05-15 10:13:46
"Pretty good, but only the bottom rail fit on my A&K Masada without interfering with the battery. I'm not sure what is wrong but be cautious when installing these. But they are really strong. Overall, pretty good.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)