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Matrix 7" Free Float Full Metal Rail Interface System for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG

6 Customer Reviews

by Carolyn B. on 07/20/2012
"This rail fits flawlessly on my gun. It does not require a lot of work to install and is full metal. the delta ring piece is a little confusing but not hard to find out how it works. mine came with two small pins. after i had lined up the rails I had to drop the pins in and hammer them in with a screwdriver (not a big deal).

full metal
does not wobble
fits without mod

confusing to put on
pins are hard to put in

This made my gun look professional and AWESOME. this the best RIS I have ever seen.
by ethan w. on 03/19/2012
"this is a must buy. super great rail for the price. all metal and very nice fit with noveske outer barrel. tightens down very nice with no wobble at all, and will fit almost any brand of m4 aeg except ics. it didnt like to fit on my ics m4 but fits super snug on g&g's and kwa's
by Dana H. on 12/15/2011
"Honestly, this is a perfect rail.

The picture says most everything about the rail possible, so I'll only mention what can't be seen.

Pros: The rail is very sturdy. There ARE rail trough counts (the white numbers), and they add some reeeeal tact to the overall look. The paint is great and not very sensitive. The free float is unrivaled, and it takes a lot of banging to get it to deviate away from its position.

Cons: The only thing I can complain about is the way it's mounted. The part that screws onto the upper receiver has 3 holes for screws that jut out from it at the bottom and sides of where the rail would be. You slide the rail on, then put screws through the holes with a medium sized allen wrench. The screw heads stick so far up that you can't fit rail covers all of the way on. Not a HUGE deal, but it's worth noting.

Overall, this is a STEAL. A great rail without the hype price. BUY IT
by david n. on 03/10/2011
"awesome rail system i put it an my kwa s-system after the one evike sent with it broke i bought this one. replaced it now its solid as o rock if your battery goes up front then you will need a peq box i had to do some thinking and messing around with your wires but once you got it its good i have the PEQ box, vertical grip, flashlight, and eotech no wobble what so ever great rail buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Chris A. on 04/15/2009
"This is an excellent RIS system. I would put this against the UTG replacement RIS hand guard any day of the week. I put this on my KWA KM4A1 and it fit beautifully, after some careful strategy about where the wires should sit. Placed a Matrix vertical grip and Matrix PEQ2 box on the rails and not only did it all fit brilliantly, the free floating feature is extremely durable. No flex, no droop, no wiggle, no noises, just pure perfection. If you have an M4 with the standard delta ring configuration and standard ABS handguards and you need/want an RIS configuration, this is an excellent choice.
by john h. on 02/01/2012
"Great rail!! No problem with mine but it did not fit my delta ring piece.... I had to dremel it down but it fits! And it does not have any trademarks that is shown in the picture.