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Matrix 4.5" Outer Barrel Extension for M4/M16 Profile Barrels

10 Customer Reviews

by Garrett K. on 09/17/2017
"Works and looks good. It's actually two pieces. No complaints.
by Garrett B. on 10/01/2016
"I bought this to extend my inner barrel on my JG G36C. If you don't want a suppressor look, or if a suppressor won't work for you (in the case of a G36C it prevents you from removing the barrel), then this a great option. I then added a flash hider for looks, as well as extension. This allowed me to upgrade from a 230mm barrel to a 363 barrel, and I still have room left over. I think the aethstetics of a suppressor are better, but if you can't, this is a great option.
by Hunter M. on 09/08/2012
"Have this extension on my custom Jg/ Echo 1 G36c/k looks awesome. Gives any gun a almost 5" extension unto the barrel. It's very durable, dropped it right on the tip of the barrel, right on the flash hider, I was worried that it bent the inner barrel. But nope, straight as a arrow. It's light, yet strong. The threads on it are nice, though my mock suppressor doesn't like to screw on sometimes.

Adds almost 5" to the over all barrel length.

Cons: None.
by Alex L. on 10/20/2011
"This is an awesome outer barrel I ordered for my scar. Mine came as two pieces and didn't have any markings at all. From tip to end it's more like 5 inches counting the threads.
- two pieces
- tight inner diameter( got rid of all wobble from my extended inner barrel almost flush with each oter)
- black non-reflective coating matches my gun
- perfect for hiding extended inner barrels, or just for looks

- no markings( could be a pro for some people, but I would prefer them)

Overall an awesome extension for a good price, I would highly recommend this to anyone extending an outer barrel, or just for looks.
by RAJINDER S. on 10/20/2011
"Great it for my m4 stubby. fits great and u can sepreate it into 2 pieces.
Great item for a cheap price...
by Connor H. on 09/23/2011
"Excellent! I bought this for my JG G36C and it fits perfectly. It adds a really nice touch and is very durable. I recommend this extension to anyone who's interested.
by Piotr S. on 02/12/2011
"nice aluminum, its has ingrained "5.56 NATO 1/7" and on top of that there is "C" and "MP" symbol.
I was disappointed that its one piece instead of two... works really nice.. it seemed that my came straight out of cnc, it had small pieces of metal inside, had to clan it, no big deal..

4/5 just because its one piece instead of two...
by Dominick V. on 05/13/2018
"3/5 star rating for a very specific reason.

I bought this for my SCAR L too add 4.5 inches of barrel length. It is two pieces and as one it is a crooked, useless piece of metal. So I decided to put one half on my SCAR and the other on my AK 47. The pieces individually seem to be straight. Since I had to use half and half, this gets half of 5 stars.
by Aidan W. on 01/06/2015
Protect inner barrel
Extend outer barrel
Made out of metal
will not un screw on its own
Splits into two different pieces

Still a little bit pricey
Paint easily comes off
Almost impossible to un screw, make sure you don't fully tighten them.
by Vitor C. on 12/08/2014
"This extension was too long for my VFC HK416, It looked very ugly, and my flash hider did not fit. Also mine was 5" long, not 4.5". It is not made of steel as advertised. Well I returned and bought the VFC extension. That's what you get for going cheap... If you want to use on another gun, I guess it fulfills it's purpose, but be aware that you flash hider might not fit.