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Madbull Airsoft Noveske Licensed Aluminum Outer Barrel for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEGs (Model: 12.5" Crusader)

7 Customer Reviews

by Nathan R. on 09/19/2015
"This barrel is one of the nicest outer barrels I have ever used. I bought one for my polar star dream sniper, and it finishes it off nicely with it's nice texture and color. It fit very snug into the receiver I put it into. In addition, It is very sturdy, and has a very nice even finish. the gas block and gas tube are also great quality. There's nothing to complain about this barrel

Very, very sturdy
Nice finish, good quality control
Nice gas block

by Simon L. on 08/28/2015
"Excellent barrel from Madbull. It is heavier than I expected, it being aluminum and all. Very well made, comes with nice trades. The color is not what I expected, more of a matte whitish grey than a dull silver, but looks better that way. Has a very fine texture, like 600 grit sandpaper. The gas block and tube is a nice touch. Very unique, will definitely look great on your gun, but this barrel does get dirty rather easily. Any dirt or grime on you or in nature that gets on the barrel will be difficult to remove, due to its texture.
by Kimo B. on 08/02/2014
"I have this barrel set up on my DD m4 and it looks great. If you're looking to add some contrast to an all black gun, this is the barrel to go with. However, my only complaint is that the finish does smudge pretty easily.
by todd f. on 06/10/2014
"An excellent product; very sturdy, nice construction, scratch resistant, and great fitment.
Comes with the gas block and gas tube.
No wobble even without the gas block & tube.
Tried is various brands and all have a great fit.
The thickness makes front wiring a little tight. If you have a front wired standard m4 your battery/handle they won't fit, the barrel is thick. I like the realistic thickness for looks though.
Perfect for rear wired or peq wired guns.
the color is more grey than white, it does not give me away in the woods, it truly does not.

No cons- price is accurate for quality and the inclusion of of the gas tube and gas block.
by Aaron M. on 03/15/2014
"I just combined this outer barrel with the Gills flash hider, and King Arms LaRue Tactical Licensed 7" free float rail system and I can't say much more than...this thing is stunning to look at. I chose the 12" barrel because it's long enough for solid outdoor play but yet compact enough to run CQB if necessary.

- Absolutely beautiful to look at. Accents the standard black of any rifle.
- Well constructed one-piece barrel with no excess screws and fits like a glove.

- Aluminum gas tube that comes with the barrel does not fit the gas block and requires grinding, drilling of a hole for the pin, bending to fit the step down from hole to hole, and does not fit length wise. I would recommend buying the $10 Stainless gas tube kit if you wish to complete the look of the rifle.
by Giuseppe O. on 04/05/2012
"Great looking barrel. Only before you install it. The paint finish is not so great. Paint easily gets smudged while installing it in my Ares M4 with CASV rail kit. Beware: if you have a front wired AEG like mine, you're not goin to have a lot of room for your battery as I found out later after I installed due to the barrel's thicker width. I was using a matrix 9.6 1600 battery but have to buy a new one. Which in this case is 7.4v 1300 mah lipoly by gen star. It's performance is similar to the 9.6v imo.

Pros: looks great
Made by madbull

Cons: no room for your batteries
Paint finish sucks
Bit pricy
by alex s. on 01/29/2015
"Its a great looking outer barrel, i'll say that much. I have it paired with the madbull 7" lite rail system, and mounted to an ICS polymer upper receiver. Now for all the complaints I have with it. First off, you can't slide the rail system over the gas block. You gotta put the rail on and then the gas block after, which is a pain. Next the imitative gas tube that it comes with will have to be cut down if your wanting to bother installing it (I just left it off). Lastly, the barrel wobbles a little bit even with the barrel nut tightened down all the way. How I fixed this was by taking 3 hours and making a spacer that was about 1/16 thick, that would fit in-between the barrel and the barrel nut. Once I got that to fit the barrel was great.

Looks awesome
Has some cool engravings
Cool gas block
Heavy (pro and con)

Doesn't fit sung without a bit of tweaking
Gas tube dosen't fit
A bit of a pain the throw together
My inner barrel and hop up fit to snug (had to sand both down in order to have then work even half decent)

Overall, if your willing to put in a good half of day - a day of work to get everything to fit right, it's an awesome looking outer barrel.