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G&P Ultra Precision Gun Smith Gearbox Shim Set. (40 pcs)

10 Customer Reviews

by David H. on 05/06/2018
"i love these. they just feel very very precise compared do your stock metal ones. It's good to be precise because varying shims would create more guesswork and waste time.
by jake m. on 03/31/2018
"Great shims paired them with the aps German made 8mm bearings work flawlessly in my ares. amoeba bearings are a little small so you’ll use almost all of these shims with the bearings but it is a great route to go.
by Bryce P. on 04/07/2017
"Very good shims, .1 and .2mm
I believe they are brass, atleast mine are brass in color. I could be wrong.
by Brett T. on 11/12/2014
"These shims do their job. two little baggies inside the big bag - one for .1mm and one for .2mm shims.
by ryan s. on 09/13/2014
"These shims are great. there are 2 bags, one with .1 shims and one with .2 shims. they kind of bend easy but that shouldn't be a problem at all. my only other complaint is that they are both the same color so they can get mixed up when you need to remove shims and you don't know what size each one is. anyway, great shims!
by jacob p. on 01/20/2014
"EXCELLENT shims! and for only $5 you can make your gun 10x better if you know how to do it properly. definetly worth it. 5/5
by Tom R. on 06/24/2013
"These are the shims to buy. Don't go for the matrix. These are only 99 cents more, and they have separate bags for the different sizes of shims. As an airsoft technician, that is invaluable. And they are just great shims in general.
by Matthew J. on 06/03/2013
"These are very nice shims. According to my micrometer, each size only varied by about +/-.001" in thickness. The only downside I found is that unlike the Systema shims, which are color/diameter coded to make it obvious what thickness the shim is, all these shims look identical unless held up to a light, at which point it becomes obvious which are the .1mm and which are the .2mm. I would recommend these to anyone.
by mckee c. on 02/11/2012
"Best shims on the market, no question. Don't go for the Systema crap, the shims are mixed into a variation where they are in different sizes, in width and diameter. With these, you can make .6 mm shim with just three .2 mm ones. Only problem: easy to lose. Other than that (lol) they're cheap, great, and most of all, PRECISE.
by Thomas A. on 08/09/2008
"These shims are great if you are into an extremely precise level of gear shimming. I use them for all my AEG's. Having a properly and precicely shimmed gearset will allow you're weapon to perform better and use less energy.