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Model: AC-PT-AEG02

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by Gabriel A. on 2016-04-10 18:48:53
"Garbage product, last a total of 5 hours of game play, then my gearbox started making a grinding sound. Upon inspecting the inside of my gearbox I found this pistol had exploded and was wedged into the gears. I put this in a 380 FPS gun with around 20-23 ROF. Also the teeth were heavily damaged after only 5 hours of use. Do not buy.
by ray r. on 2016-03-20 10:22:11
"Terrible piston. I'm was running a custom 22tpa neo magnet high torque motor, 13:1 shs gears, and an ms110 spring with this piston. was getting about 27rps. I opened up the gearbox to clean it and there were pieces of red plastic all over the inside of the gearbox. The piston was chipped all over and I had to buy a new one. Case and point: This piston can't handle a low tension spring at high rps.
by Audrey E. on 2016-02-03 23:33:28
"The piston actually seems pretty darn strong. I predict that it'll last a while, but only time will tell. I do believe that a G&P piston is better, however, so if you can, I would go with one of those.
by Wilson M. on 2016-02-03 23:33:00
"LOVE this piston. I stripped 1, but that was okay, it had 40000 rounds put through it, and incorrect AOE lol. I have this in my gun shooting with an m130, and no wear at all after about 400 rounds. Amazing. Although I wouldn't put more than an m130 in it.

For Classic Army shells, you may have to take a standard dremel "cutter" bit and run it right down the inner grooves on the piston. It should slide easily, and even better after a mag of shots.

I will definitely buy more if this one strips too. It's a wear and tear part, expect it to have wear if you have more stress on your parts from a tenser spring or lipo.
by Robert G. on 2015-12-06 21:21:19
"The best pistons I've ever used, whether it be full teeth or half teeth truly awesome in the most stressful of conditions!
by Erik D. on 2015-10-01 21:17:26
"So, I had read the reviews AFTER I ordered this piston. I was very hesitant to install it in my EBR, but since it was the only piston that fit, I was given no choice. I am glad to say that I have no idea where the negative reviews came from. I have this set up with an Evike Monster motor, M120 spring, and std ratio gears. The piston works great. It's very light, which helps with the ROF (around 1000rpm with my current setup). There have been about 5000-7500 rounds put through that gun with this piston and absolutely no issues. Definitely a quality piston.
by christian c. on 2015-06-13 18:58:45
"i have no idea what these other guys are talking about because i used this spring for my duddies G&G cm16 raider and i has an m110 atleast. not only that but its a standerd set up so it only fires at 17 rps with the upgrades ive done. the thing shoots like a champ and im considering buying another one of these for my m14.
by Daniel B. on 2014-01-27 15:19:24
"I have only shot 2000 rounds or so with this piston, and no problems this far... My only complaint is that you have to shim the gears extra low because the teeth are quite small. I thought this would be a problem, but not yet.
by John H. on 2013-06-08 09:01:24
"This is by far the best piston I have ever used in my custom guns. It is strong and reliable. The teeth are solidly attached to the piston and the loading/ 1st tooth is very beefy.

If you want a reliable piston for your gun I would buy this.
by khalen l. on 2013-03-11 17:22:49
"Pros - Perfect fit allowing for no need to change angle of engagement. If you are worried about having to add sorbo pads get this piston and your issues will most likely be solved
- Great metal teeth with perfect spacing
- Strong polycarb, I would say this is on par or better than lonex brand.
- Looks good
- Great value for your money.
- This will work in a KWA all you have to do is drill a set screw whole in the front to fit the stock cylinder head or just get a ported on.

Cons - If you have a set screw for your piston head like my stock kwa piston head does you have to drill one into the front of the piston or take the set screw out. This really isn't a big con because of the fact that I have yet to see a piston other than the kwa brand that does.

Overall- I highly recommend this piston as it has great value and outstanding performance.
by David n. on 2013-01-13 22:37:27
"Would buy again if I get another KWA or G&G rifle in the future!

Lighter for higher rate of fire
Full rack of metal teeth
True polycarbonate, the clear stuff is hard and lighter.
Nice packaging
Built precise

by josh m. on 2012-11-14 09:14:52
"Great piston great build quality,my only concerns are A the steel teeth were rusted when i recieved it and B there is a slight blemish in the polycarb that might turn into a stress crack
only time will tell but all together best bang for your buck

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