Reviews: UFC Airsoft Torque Type Half Tooth Steel and Polycarbonate Hybrid Reinforced Airsoft AEG Piston


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Model: PT-UFC-GB-059

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by Preston T. on 2015-03-10 07:03:14
"This piston is ment for helical gearing only! The last reviewer was using straight teeth gears and stripped the piston. This piston works with quiet gearbox builds (helical gearing, sorbo on piston head and cylinder head, perfect shimming, undervolumed cylinder to get less of the popping noise, high torque motor, m120+ spring for the undervolumed cylinder, sound absorbing foam to absorb more vibrations).

Works only with matrix 100:300, gaurder torque up gears (helical kind), SHS helical and systema AEG helical gear set.

by Steven D. on 2014-03-13 16:33:56
"Okay, so i received this piston about a month ago, and it already broke -_- my setup is in a cyma gb shell; 4, 8mm bearings (bevel & spur gears) and 2 bushings on the sector, a guarder; bore up kit, spring guide, tappet plate, and m150 spring. paired with matrix; 32:1 gearset (made by SHS), shims, & magnum motor, an APS wire set w/ advanced fuse, and finally a JG/SRC cut-off lever, & selector plate. all on an 11.1v lipo (@ 720+ fps w/ .20g bbs due to massive compression mods). shot semi ONLY for about 70 ish rounds and the tooth rack came out/off of the piston. wouldnt recommend using anything past a 12v Ni-Mh with it after that! gonna replace it with a JBU aluminum half tooth piston! just dont buy this, spend the cash on a better quality piston and save yourself the hassle! TRUST me, itd be worth it!!

Webmaster: That is a pretty extreme setup, at 700+ FPS, you probably have to use a fully CNC piston to manage the power and stress.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)