Reviews: UFC Airsoft Torque Type Half Tooth Steel and Polycarbonate Hybrid Reinforced Airsoft AEG Piston


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Model: PT-UFC-GB-059
Location: S7-141 SO-086

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by Steven D. on 2014-03-13 16:33:56
"Okay, so i received this piston about a month ago, and it already broke -_- my setup is in a cyma gb shell; 4, 8mm bearings (bevel & spur gears) and 2 bushings on the sector, a guarder; bore up kit, spring guide, tappet plate, and m150 spring. paired with matrix; 32:1 gearset (made by SHS), shims, & magnum motor, an APS wire set w/ advanced fuse, and finally a JG/SRC cut-off lever, & selector plate. all on an 11.1v lipo (@ 720+ fps w/ .20g bbs due to massive compression mods). shot semi ONLY for about 70 ish rounds and the tooth rack came out/off of the piston. wouldnt recommend using anything past a 12v Ni-Mh with it after that! gonna replace it with a JBU aluminum half tooth piston! just dont buy this, spend the cash on a better quality piston and save yourself the hassle! TRUST me, itd be worth it!!

Webmaster: That is a pretty extreme setup, at 700+ FPS, you probably have to use a fully CNC piston to manage the power and stress.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)