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Modify Quantum Piston with Titanium Coated Metal Teeth

7 Customer Reviews

by Ross C. on 03/19/2017
"Dropped in an ICS MP5 stock ver. 2 gearbox, hasn't failed yet using a 4S lipo (14.8v) ~30+ rps. If the coating is indeed titanium nitride as advertised the steel gears in any gearbox will strip first before the teeth on this bad boy.
by Nigel T. on 05/19/2015
"I installed this into a V2 Lonex with SHS 12:1 gears and a Tienly gt-45000. The main reason why i got it is because it seems like a Lonex Red Piston (which is what i use in many guns) with a more durable, full metal rack. About 25,000 the piston looks brand new, not even any fade in the coating on the teeth. To be honest, i think my gears will break far before i see any wear on the piston. It is one of my favorite airsoft purchases to date.

... Now, there are a few things that may discourage some people from this piston. For starters, it is slightly longer than a normal piston... say an SHS piston. I believe that this is due to the over-sized pick-up tooth. While it is longer and more reinforced, the added length may cause problems (i.e. the gun may not cycle all the way). If, however, you plan on short stroking your sector gear (which i highly recommend in most builds anyway), this issue will not cause any problems whatsoever.

There is also a poly-carbonate "lip" on the left and right side of the rack of teeth. This is there for added reinforcement, however, it may make correcting AOE slightly more difficult. It may also interfere with shimming, if you use the Bevel-to-Pinion method. If you shim the sector gear too high, it will hit the poly-carb side lip when the gun cycles. If you have experience with the Lonex Red Piston, you should be used to this already.

The teeth are also so strong that they are very hard to grind down if you plan on tuning it perfectly... This can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. If you are patient with a dremel, you can get them down just fine.

I absolutely love this piston. It is extremely durable and high quality. I cannot recommend this piston enough. If you have the money, buy it. You will not be disappointed!
by christopher e. on 10/18/2013
"I love these pistons, I've bought 2 of them. The first one survived a v7 gearbox meltdown when the mosfet failed in the open position. My Silent piston head melted into a ball of rubber and my gearbox cracked. That piston took a beating but continued to cycle till the batt was pulled. Upon autopsy the piston had minimal damage and could be ran again, but to be safe I got another! Nothing should have lasted through what that did.


Tooks a whole hell of alot of dremel work to make fit in a v7 to clear the torque gear. Totally worth it
by Rodrigo L. on 08/20/2013
"Got this piston for my l85 g&g and it also came with a second hand g&p m4 sentry i bought, no signs of wear, no AOE problems, so far its been performing flawlessly.
by Steven K. on 04/27/2012
"i got this piston a few months ago and personaly i love it, i put a slightly upgraded spring in my V2 gearbox for my DBoys Scar and would recommend this piston to anyone
by Daniel M. on 11/04/2016
"This piston is very good. So far I've shot about 40000 rds through it with a high speed setup and seems to be holding up nicely.
by khalen l. on 03/11/2013
"This piston has good solid teeth on it but that is all. The teeth are spaced really weird and will not allow the piston to cycle to release point of the gears. It will get stuck in full retract because the teeth are still connected to the gears. Do not but this piston it is way to expensive and doesn't work period.

If you are looking for a good piston go with the angel custom piston or the bravo brand.