Reviews: Guarder Poly carbonate Piston for Tokyo Marui AEG Series


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Model: PT-GE-04-04
Location: Y2-363 S7-096

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by Austin L. on 2013-10-06 12:08:49
"The piston actually seems pretty darn strong. I predict that it'll last a while, but only time will tell. I do believe that a G&P piston is better, however, so if you can, I would go with one of those.
by William P. on 2010-01-22 03:01:40
"LOVE this piston. I stripped 1, but that was okay, it had 40000 rounds put through it, and incorrect AOE lol. I have this in my gun shooting with an m130, and no wear at all after about 400 rounds. Amazing. Although I wouldn't put more than an m130 in it.

For Classic Army shells, you may have to take a standard dremel "cutter" bit and run it right down the inner grooves on the piston. It should slide easily, and even better after a mag of shots.

I will definitely buy more if this one strips too. It's a wear and tear part, expect it to have wear if you have more stress on your parts from a tenser spring or lipo.
by Robert G. on 2008-10-03 13:17:07
"The best pistons I've ever used, whether it be full teeth or half teeth truly awesome in the most stressful of conditions!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)