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G&P Polyacetal High Pressure Hard Piston For High power Airsoft AEG

12 Customer Reviews

by Leon B. on 11/18/2016
"Got this and dropped in to G&G ak47 combat machine with stick gears and ASG 22000 motor. After 5000 rounds I poped it open and saw barly any wear on the poly teeth and no marking no the metal teeth. Great piston and will buy again
by Ben S. on 02/19/2016
"This is by far one of the best plastic pistons you can buy. The picture shows three metal teath, however they must have made a revision. I received a piston with five metal teath. It is very light wait. The metal rack is very secure and will not need to be glued as do many other brands. I have tried several different pistons and all have striped on me. So far I have no issues with this one. It can easily handle an m130 Spring. After a few thousand rounds, it is showing no signs of wear. I would highly recommend this piston for nearly every application. Unbeatable value.
by Tyler A. on 09/04/2015
"These are hands down the best poly carb pistons money can buy. I have never had one fail on me in the 10+ gun builds that I have done. Everything from 25rps P90's to a 450fps DMR AUG. P90's been going strong for 4 years now or so with one if the older models of these in it. Probably in excess of 50k rounds.

Every time a friend brings me a gun with something wrong and its s a stripped piston, this is the one I grab. I always keep an extra one in stock just in case. Never have needed it for any of my guns that already use one! They are rock solid.
by Marko V. on 06/18/2014
"This is basicly the best piston with plastic teeth you can get on the airsoft market since its made out of Polyacetal or POM

Made out of POM
high quality (g&p)
very durable

Since polyacetal tends to shrink a bit when it cools in the manufacturing process the rails for example might not be the perfect shape so you might need to sand them down a bit. But usually its fine

Overall a very good product from g&p, would highly recommend as an upgrade
by manny c. on 04/12/2014
"best piston you could possibly buy. i bought this about a year ago, I've put about 50k bbs through it, barely any wear running on an m120 with a lonex high torque and high torque gears


by tyler R. on 04/24/2013
"this is a very nice product!

does what it needs to do and some.
by Jake S. on 12/22/2010
"I Have bought about 4 of these pistons so far and none have failed on me so far. I recommend this piston for any gun you buy!! It can withstand over 35 rounds per second without wear-n-tear. Right now my M4 is shooting 380FPS (Constant over a year) with 33 rounds per second. This is a must buy anad should be one of your first upgrades that you put into your gearbox!!

Light weight
Fast and Smooth
Can withstand LOTS of pressure (Speed and torque)
One of the cheapest pistons on the market!!
Nice finish


G&P has outstanding performance, keep it up!
by Jake M. on 03/08/2010
"Dollar for dollar the best piston you can buy. VERY light and SUPER strong, just try squeezing it.

It has 4 metal teeth, which IMO, is better then an aluminum or full metal teeth piston, because if and when your gears grind up or jam, you want one thing to give out, not EVERYTHING. A stripped piston is much better then 2 stripped gears and metal shrapnel jamed in everything.

Also, the 2nd to last tooth has been de-toothed, making gear aliment much easier, especially with the included white spacer thing.

They only con I'd see is if someone really wants more metal teeth, or maybe helical gears. but I don't so I love these!
by richard w. on 03/03/2009
"very strong piston worth every cent you pay will pull a 150 spring with no problem...a must for big fps
by Dallas G. on 11/01/2008
"this is a great piston. its very light, and works very great for super high speed setups. even for 30+ rounds per sec, as long as you remove 2 teeth after the 1st tooth at the front of the piston to avoid premature engagement. and if your running super high speed, like pushing 36-40+ rounds a sec, drilling holes in the body to lighten it even farther works great, as well as short stroking it. i have mine pushing about 310 fps at around 37 rounds a second. the piston has doles drilled throughout the body, has 2 teeth from the front removed to avoid premature engagement, as well as short stroking the piston 1 tooth. make sure to tie it with a light piston head. the G&P explosive piston head is super light, and great for super high speed setups. mind all these little factors and make sure your AoE is little to none. (angle of engagement; between the 1st piston tooth and the sector gear), piston will run like butter in super high speed setups. if you do these little things to it. 10,000 rounds down the road at 310 FPS running at 37 RPS, VERY little wear. you can make the gears spin super super fast, but its not gunna mean anything if the piston cant get forward fast enough before the sector gear catches it again.

As far as FPS, ive used this with a systema M150 for about 5,000 rounds and it still worked like a champ.
by D. M. on 06/19/2008
"By far the best polycarbonate piston I ever used. G&P uses the best material so this is the best piston for your money. The Prometheus hard piston is also a good buy but the price is a bit on the high side.
by Howard H. on 05/02/2008
"This is a great piston, It is great for Super High Speed, High Speed, Hybrid, and High FPS, (NOT Super High FPS) setups, It is Made of flexible yet strong Polyacetal which means it flexes as opposed to snaping, Great Piston (has held up to 15,000 rounds at 22rps with an M120 spring)