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Matrix Reinforced Aluminum Piston Head for Airsoft AEG

2 Customer Reviews

by Alex C. on 01/24/2014
"whats there to say? i have this piston head in two of my guns and i love everything about it even down to the sound it gives your gun.

lightweight and durable
ball bearings
makes your gun sound awesome

polycarb piston head might be preferable to some
it makes your gun sound different (it sounds like a sharp crack compared to the muffled sound of other piston heads which i think is cool but some others think is bad)
ive had to tighten it in one of my guns once after about a week of using it but ive had it in for about 9 months or so since then havent had to tighten it since
by Todd R. on 08/12/2014
"So many of these pistons have to wide of a slot that the o ring fits into. When I got mine I noticed immediately that the slot was about .5 to 1 mm to wide for the o ring. Makes you wonder if the people who make these things even know what they're actually used for. Of course, if there's even the slightest gap between the o ring and the sides of the slot the air will blow right past the ring instead of billowing it out, the result being reduced compression. It can't be to tight or the o ring won't be able to blow outward, but it must be at least touching both sides of the slot. I guess you could go out to a hardware store and try to find the same diameter rubber o ring that's a little fatter to remedy some of these piston heads the way they're made, but then if it's to fat it won't be flexible enough to blow outward either. The picture they have up right now looks like the o ring is fitting snuggly inside the slot, but that's not how mine came. And how do you find out for sure if it's made right? You spend $15 a crack with shipping charges and wait 5-6 days.