Reviews: Lonex TITAN Airsoft AEG Motor - Torque & Speed / Short

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Model: MT-GB-05-07
Location: D8-206

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by Joseph I. on 2014-07-06 13:48:22
"I run his motor in all my guns that require short type. I use a m120 spring with 7.4 lipos. Best motor I've ever used hands down. As previously mentioned it does heat up a bit, but unless you are spraying a full hi cap it probably wouldn't be much of a problem. A no brainer upgrade part.
by manny c. on 2014-04-12 00:12:45
"i run this with an 11.1 lipo with both m120s and m130s pull them easy. rate of fire is great, silent, never locked up. my only complaint is that it heats up more than id like it to but thats probably because of the 11.1 lipo.
by Joseph I. on 2013-10-06 08:12:38
"I replaced my matrix magnum torque up motor with this one. I am running a m120 spring and 16:1 matrix gears. The matrix magnum motor had a ton of torque and slowed the rof way down and heated up way too much. This lonex motor works incredible for my set up, high rate of fire, easily pull m120 spring, and does not heat up at all. I will be putting this motor in future setups. Could not be happier with the performance compared to other motors in this price range.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)