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Lonex TITAN Airsoft AEG Motor - Torque & Speed / Short

8 Customer Reviews

by Aaron F. on 10/01/2015
"I ordered one of these at the beginning of the 2015 year to put into my A&K M249 MKII and I must say, it was a stellar choice. It has a great ROF and easily pulls the M120 I have in there with a 9.6 NiMH. It was easy to install and is just a good, solid motor. Perfect for an LMG upgrade.

11/10 would use again.
by Brett T. on 11/19/2014
"The Good: I currently am rocking some AIM 25:65 gears, M140(260%) spring, and this motor in a Version 3 gearbox - with an 11.1 Lipo battery. It pulls that spring like its nothing, and man it is FAST. I highly recommend this motor!!

The Bad: Nothing

The Ugly: Don't let it fool you - This thing really is for Torque AND Speed.
by Joseph I. on 07/06/2014
"I run his motor in all my guns that require short type. I use a m120 spring with 7.4 lipos. Best motor I've ever used hands down. As previously mentioned it does heat up a bit, but unless you are spraying a full hi cap it probably wouldn't be much of a problem. A no brainer upgrade part.
by manny c. on 04/12/2014
"i run this with an 11.1 lipo with both m120s and m130s pull them easy. rate of fire is great, silent, never locked up. my only complaint is that it heats up more than id like it to but thats probably because of the 11.1 lipo.
by Joseph I. on 10/06/2013
"I replaced my matrix magnum torque up motor with this one. I am running a m120 spring and 16:1 matrix gears. The matrix magnum motor had a ton of torque and slowed the rof way down and heated up way too much. This lonex motor works incredible for my set up, high rate of fire, easily pull m120 spring, and does not heat up at all. I will be putting this motor in future setups. Could not be happier with the performance compared to other motors in this price range.
by Tyler W. on 05/05/2015
I've continued to mess with the motor, and I ended up taking it apart. Just to see if it would help I cleaned the entire motor with electrical cleaner (like break clean) and put it back together. It now works flawlessly and has for about 800 shots. It has a great ROF and it seems to be handling my setup fine now. I'm only giving it 4 stars because of the mishap, otherwise it's a five star product all the way.
by Donald J S. on 09/01/2017
"Bought this for a V3 build I had. Motor is decent and pulls back a M130 spring no problem, but the Combo of Speed & Torque might not be for your build. Does a fair job at ROF and works for the project I used it on.
by Tyler W. on 05/02/2015
"Well, this motor was good while it lasted. I have a Cyma M14 with a version 7 gearbox that I completely redid. I installed a new metal ball bearing piston head, a new cylinder head, ball bearing spring guide, air nozzle, Gate Nano ASR MOSFET wired to deans, anti-reversal latch, tappet plate, a full metal teeth polycarbonate piston, an M150 spring, and I made sure it was perfectly shimmed and oiled. I have a Matrix 11.1v 4000 maH batter with a 25c/50c discharge rate that has plenty of power for my setup. After 5 minutes of the motor running beautifully in the gun, my rate of fire started to drop and then it stopped shooting. I checked all my voltages out of the battery and at the motor tabs, which was a constant 12.47 volts. I took the motor out of the gun to see if it would spin up, and it didn't. After five minutes of use this thing died on me. Sadly I'm out of warranty from Evike because I bought all the parts at different times, so now I'm out of the money. This motor is great for lower springs, but an M150 is just too much for it (and according to Lonex's site and the packaging it's good to an M170). Don't buy this for a big build.