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Matrix Magnum High Torque Performance Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

58 Customer Reviews

by Andrew S. on 01/29/2010
"This motor is great pulls my m150 with 10 volt - no problem very powerfull. Soo glad i bought this 6 stars! my rof increased dramaticaly compared to my older model systema motor
by Melinda M. on 01/20/2010
"Bought this and placed it inside my Classic Army Scar Heavy and this motor is amazing. It gives the perfect balance of tourque & Speed etc. Not too much of either but just thr right amount. My SCAR cycles so much easier now and fire friggin laser beams. I would recommend this Magnum to anyone.. The magnet in it so really really strong and the motor roars.
by Kane L. on 11/26/2009
"Very satisfied with this motor runs very hard and able to pull 130 spring with greatest of ease for better motor than eg1000.
by De Niro E. on 03/25/2009
"This Matrix Magnum motor is a BEAST, real work horse!!! They should measure this motor in horse power its so strong....I chrono at 560-590fps, ROF is 22sec, i love it! I also have the MATRIXs 8mm gear box also with a cheap all metal JG hop-up unit, with a cheap D-Boys Metal body, and Lipo battery. Total cost of the gun build up is $283. MATRIXs Gearbox and MATRIXs Magnum Motor $155, JG all metal hop-up $8, DBOYs Metal Body $40, DBOYS pistol grip $8, JG 733CQB outer barrel $12, A&K RIS rails $29, and MATRIXs 6.035 tight barrel bore $29. This gun build up is better than any stock gun for $400. I highly recommend ALL Matrixs products high quality really cheap price. 5***** i am the hardest hitting gun on the team. Systema Who??? Matrix is what it is!!! I have almost a full MATRIX Gun minus the Externals.
by Kim L. on 03/15/2009
"Will this thing work for a lipoly gearbox? If not, what will, thanks.
by Jason R. on 02/26/2009
"I have purchased 3 or these motors so far. I was waiting to post a review until i completed an adequate test period.

This motor absolutely performs on par with the systema magnum series motor. I am currently pulling a m140 spring with a JG high torque ball bearing gearbox and this motor allows for low voltage operation. proper cycle speeds can be achieved with the use of a 8.4V battery. this motor has also stood up to LiPoly operation in a m130 gearbox achieving rate of fire of approx. 25RPS.

i did not want to post before running these motors for 50,000 rounds and having just completed 50,000 cycles with a m150 spring these motors are absolutely worth the money.
by Maggie C. on 02/19/2009
"This is an awesome motor. This thing will pull really heavy springs at an incredible rate. Pops into any gun that uses long type motors like M4s & M16s easily. The magnets inside this are super strong and my screwdrivers keep clinging to my grip. Get this motor and you won't need another for a really really long time.
by Mathew D. on 02/16/2009
"Beastly motor, I use it with my M16 Sniper with an M160 Spring and my ROF flew through the roof for some reason along with the 550+ FPS with the M160. Definitely a great buy for FPS and torque up motor. I recommend 9.6 4500Mah Battery it is flawless with it.
by Michael B. on 02/09/2009
"amazing motor i have a pdi 190% spring and i get 1200rpm with this motor and a 9.6v battery. i recommend this motor to anyone who need a better even works with an 8.4v and it has a removable pinion gear.
by Tanner T. on 02/05/2009
"Hey will this motor fit in a JG G3 T3 K1 please reply back


Webmaster: Yes. Long type motors fits M4, G3, MP5....
by Amro S. on 01/27/2009
"This is a great motor!! I have had this motor for about a month and shoot my guns everyday. Compaing it to the Systma Magnum.. its about the same the systma will last a little longer but this motor is great it has zero trigger lagg and it pulls a m130 without a sweat. and it pulls a M150 well..

This is a grear motor i would buy another it is great..
by Steven J. on 12/19/2008
"I just got this motor yesterday. I have it paired up with a m120 spring and it pulls it easier than a stock motor on a m100. it gives me zero trigger lag and my rof went through the roof with a 9.6 thats somewhat busted but the real test is goa be when my lipo battery comes in the mail next week
by Steven J. on 12/18/2008
"I jus got this motor today. it has supierior torque and speed than my stock ca high torque. it gives me around 20 rps with a 9.6 and has zero trigger lag. get this motor
by Caleb W. on 11/24/2008
"if you are wanting your gun to shoot higher fps buy this motor. if you want it to have a better rof then buy the blue one. But i recomend this one because it will raise the rof soch because you will strip gears and be dry firing a lot.
by nick s. on 11/23/2008
"wat do u think it would do wit a 8.4 1500mah************************************************