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Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (500mm / M14)

2 Customer Reviews

by Matt B. on 09/30/2008
"Well, your inner barrel for your KWA M4 is approx. 10.75 inches. Turn that into Millimeters, you have 273.05 mm. The end of your inner barrel should end somewhere before it reaches the end of your flash hider. Typical flash hider is what...about a couple inches, 2.25..your inner barrel goes half way through that about making it about an 1.25 inch into your flash hider. So here goes the math...that 1.25 inch = around 32 mm. take that off of your inner barrel length of 273.05. So 273.05 - 32 = 251.05 + 110mm (Your King Arms Mock Silencer length) = 361.05mm. Almost the typical inner barrel length of an M4 which is 363. But you want to go less that 361.05 to avoid getting a barrel that is too long and poking out of that suppressor you have. So buy one that is as close as possible to that 361.05 minus maybe 10 or so millimeters. If you really want a Prometheus barrel, go with this 300mm barrel.
72_378&products_id=24384. Otherwise I'd suggest
amp;products_id=24367. It's a 310mm tight bore by Matrix. But before you go on what I suggest...I would first take your gun apart and do all the measurements yourself. I did that when I wanted to get an inner barrel for my A&K SPR MOD 1, and without actually measuring it ,I wouldn't have come close to getting a perfect length barrel for my gun. Hope this helped you out some. Goodluck in your airsoft adventures.
by michael e. on 09/30/2008
"i have a kwa m4a1 and have a King Arms Light Weight Slim Mock Silencer - 30 X 110mm and want to know if this barrel will fit and not stick out the silencer. please respond