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Modify "SS+AL" Hybrid 6.03mm Precision AEG Inner Barrel (Length: 407mm)

10 Customer Reviews

by Scott S. on 04/23/2018
"This is my second hybrid. I also have a 229mm. They seem to be pretty well made and group well. It is nice that they can be fitted to the outter pretty well. I use these with ProWin hop-ups and Maple nubs. docB
by nick J. on 02/08/2017
"great barrel, the o rings really eliminate barrel vibration, immediately noticed an improvement in bb flight and the sound of the gun, my new go-to barrel
by Jarek d. on 05/09/2015
"got this to upgrade my G&P M14 because the stock barrel was corroding on the inside since i got it. its been shooting like crap since i got it - so i got this barrel for it.
some people give Modify a bad rep, but i must say, this barrel is awesome. considering price point, product quality, and the overall results, you cant beat this inner barrel.

- FPS, range, and accuracy significantly increased
- the seal the ribbed bucking and barrel groves create is ridiculously amazing. and the hop the buck creates is crazy
- with the stock m120 spring/motor, stock full cylinder, and a H-hop nub my M14 went from about 390 fps to about 420 fps.
- and as for the range, lets just say that the BB is flown off into the horizon before i can seen it fall out of the air.

- the added diameter of the "steel" portion of the barrel does make it a little harder to deal with, especial with the barrel spring. but all you gotta do is open up the spring a bit.
- being mostly aluminum, installation is a little delicate.
- being such a long barrel and tightbore, the air cushion is way to small to be effective in full-auto. BBs basically just fall out the barrel.
- the bucking can really hop the hell out of the BB. may want to use BBs heavier than .28g if youre already shooting more than 380 fps.
by kyle c. on 03/26/2015
"great barrel for cqb and fits snug in my outer barrel almost no barrel wobble and accuracy is about 10" at 100 feet ( 1000 shots fired and using the extreme outliers)
by Austin H. on 10/01/2013
"This is the best inner barrel I have used to date. That is including Promys and Systemas. It does have a break in period I would say of about 250-300 rounds where the your bbs will go everywhere but strait, but after that, and as long as you have installed it properly, you WILL see a significant FPS bump and accuracy increase. Just be very careful when installing it because it is made of aluminum and bends easier than most barrels. Modify did this to keep the weight down.
by Steven E. on 08/30/2013
"This barrel is great. It works very good in my m4. The o-rings sit on the around the barrel on the out side so it doesn't move when you fire, it is also very light it feel like it might bent

5/5 it works awesome
by Daniel B. on 06/15/2013
"I bought this as an upgrade for my AUG, and this is an UPGRADE!!! i tested from 50 feet using Matrix .23g bbs, with 5-10 MPH winds, stock bucking, semi and then burst. 10 consecutive shots with the stock brass barrel i achieved a grouping with a 5inch radius. With the Modify SS+AL i achieved a 3.5 inch radius on the new grouping, then on full auto the spread was more contained with the aluminum barrel versus the brass

comes with bucking,
has 3 rings to match bucking(that bucking will not move whatsoever)
super light weight
very accurate
o rings included

the bulge where the aluminum and stainless steel meet prevented my metal hop up unit from sliding on to the barrel, but worked perfectly with my stock plastic one, so be weary!!!

be careful with the o-rings, don't force it down the gun because you may rip them like i did, my outer barrel was too tight to fit the barrel + o-ring

BE CAREFUL when installing, being naive, my metal hop up unit wouldn't slide on, so i forced it and slightly bent the barrel, being aluminum it bends the easiest when compared to brass and steel, i still got great performance!!!!

overall its worth the money, i believe the steel absorbs the vibration of the gearbox, but the aluminum makes it nice and light, so that's why its called a HYBRID, yes i would gladly recommend this barrel, but i'm afraid of the compatibility issues with certain hop up units and their tolerances,

i cant speak for the fps increase because i dont have a chrono
by Jonathan M. on 05/23/2013
"I have not FPS tested it but I have accuracy tested it somewhat. My accuracy from my stock G&G Combat Machine Barrel went up a lot. This modify barrel is much better.

However in the description it says it is rifled. This barrel is definitely not rifled.

No description on any other website even modifies website does not say it is.
NO Rifling..
by alessio c. on 10/27/2012
"the barrel is flawless. havent had a problem yet and ive had it for month now. pretty accurate and there is
absolutly no barrel vibration once u install the 3 o rings it comes. even comeswith a hop up bucking . the bucking is ok but i recommned getting a reaps instead. all in all great barrel
by Paul M. on 03/17/2017
"Keep in mind with these barrels there is a lip at the front of bucking section. Where the barrel turns from shiny to black there is a raised section. Sort of like the brass washers or rings that go between a barrel and hop up unit. Except this is machined into the barrel so it cannot be removed.

I bought this to use with a type 96 sniper rifle and PDI style hop up. I could not use it because of the raised section, it won't go far enough into the hop up unit. I put it in my 249 SAW and it worked just fine

Other than that the barrel is well made, machined and finished. Not a bad barrel for the price at all. Also comes with a bucking and two O-rings to help stabilize the barrel if you have a skinny outer barrel

It is about a half an inch too long for my 249 saw and a 275mm mock silencer. I will just trim it down to the length I need.