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Matrix Prometheus Type Steel Perfect Sniper 6.03mm Airsoft AEG Tight Bore Inner Barrel (494mm)

3 Customer Reviews

by Thomas A. on 03/09/2015
"I love this barrel. I wanted to make kind of a long barrel gun and chose this as my barrel. I have it on a G&G Combat Machine with a 190mm mock silencer (which I put some pipe insulation in to hold my barrel still inside it). I also have a M125 spring and a full cylinder on it. I am shooting 380FPS with 0.28g BB's and can hit a human size target at 280 foot with it. Yes I know I only needed 150mm silencer but the extra length with the pipe insulation in it makes it quieter.
by Caleb W. on 06/19/2014
"I debated between a 6.03mm and a 6.01mm barrel for a while, and after many google searches, 6.03mm seemed to be the better choice. Unfortunately, Angel Customs did not make 6.03 barrels, so I decided on this particular one by Matrix.

I recently installed this in my King Arms Blaser (it has an aeg cut), and I have found no flaws up to date. For the price, this barrel was made with quality. It is very well cut, and my Blaser's grouping is significantly tighter, as I had hoped. I'd recommend this barrel for anyone leaning toward the 6.03mm barrel width.
by Gage W. on 03/31/2016
"For the price, you can't really complain. Does the job, tightens groupings and overall increases accuracy of your airsoft gun. Only reason I give 4 stars is due to the design of the hop-up window of the barrel, which presents problems if using a flat-hop or r-hop. For whatever reason, the stock window has a slant on front/muzzle-facing side, giving a cross section image sort of like this: \_| as opposed to the standard window which would have a cross section looking like this: |__|. This presents a problem with flat nubs, seeing as the angled part of the hop-up window interferes with the flat nub. Not sure why Matrix decided to cut the window like this, but if you're planning on using a flat nub, you'll have to file or mill out the rest of the window for it to work properly, which can present problems (burrs from filing the barrel coming in contact with the bb) if you don't have the tools to do it cleanly and correctly.