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Matrix Prometheus Type Steel Perfect Sniper 6.03mm Airsoft AEG Tight Bore Inner Barrel (363mm)

16 Customer Reviews

by Gustavo T. on 06/13/2016
"This Barrel is the best upgrade I have put into my M4.
I installed this on my G&G M4 and did a little bit of hop-up adjustment and now it shoots amazing, it shoots like a laser.
For only $25 this barrel will transform your stock AEG
by mike b. on 01/27/2016
"I cannot say anything else but say this barrel is excellent and is the best barrel ive bought in my years of airsoft
by Payton B. on 04/30/2015
"Great inner barrel! I put this on my JG M4 and i am very pleased with it. But beware, I bought one of these for my Brother's king arms P90 and it doesnt fit very well, make sure you get the right one. Highly recommend this barrel.
by Ryan C. on 04/08/2013
"Great barrel! I ordered two; one for myself and one for my brother. My brother's SR15 really needed it, and after a new hopup as well, it's an amazing gun. So is mine, even though it was already reasonably accurate, but these barrels truly made a difference.
by Matthew G. on 01/06/2013
"This is an excellent tight bore. Many people will tell you that a 6.03 isn't as good as a 6.01, however they are better than 6.01's because although your fps will be slightly lower (as compared to a 6.01) they allow your hopup to impart the proper spin to your bb, therefore effectively increasing range. The quality in this barrel is apparent upon arrival. It has excellent weight to it, and nice makings, in addition to a great finish and some of the best packaging I think I have ever seen, I haven't been able to chrono, but I do notice a slight FPS increase, and of course my accuracy has improved drastically. 100/100
by Jordan B. on 11/14/2011
"This barrel is great!! This barrel will fit a G36K (not C) and drastically improved from stock barrel performance. Went from a 4-5 inch group to about a 1.5 inch group at 80-100 feet. I am able to hit a metal fence post (probably 2 inch wide) at the end of my backyard consistently! Definately will hit a man sized target from far away. Haven't had a jam yet after 2,000 rds. Great price too.

Steel barrel
Crowned end
Engraved barrel length and bore

The engraving did leave micro-bur, had a little trouble the first time fitting it into the outer barrel but a little sandpaper or nail file will fix.
by Jonathan N. on 11/11/2011
"Great improvement to the grouping of my BBs. Clearly not as great as the prometheous barrels and anything in that price range, but you get what you pay for and in this case it's worth it!
by James R. on 05/04/2011
"Great precision barrel! I decided to try Matrix as it is a new brand and the result is over my expectations. It gave my KWA M4 a 20 FPS increase in velocity and much better grouping and range. I highly recommend this barrel for your m4.
by Magoo B. on 09/29/2010
"Would this fit a G&G Limited Edition Blowback "Fighting Kitty" Combat Machine with a 110mm gemtech silencer/ outer barrel
by Craig F. on 09/21/2010
"This is a great product. The first time I played with it, all the guys kept asking me whether or not I had gotten a new gun. They couldn't believe me when I told them that all I did was replace my standard inner barrel with the Matrix 363mm tightbore. This barrel is worth every cent of the cost!
by Willi R. on 01/05/2010
"I actually own this thing!
Great barrel! I put it on my tricked out SRC m4 and works great. Very durable and heavy. It even has the dimensions engraved into the barrel "363X6.03" I think this is a nice touch and shows the quality. For the price you can't beat it and it's probable the most durable barrel on the market. P.S Don't post unless you own this thing. If you have questions go to the forum. Just assume if the length is right then this thing will work for you.
by David N. on 12/16/2009
"I got the Matrix steel barrel installed in my JG M4
FPS raised from 370~380 to 390~405 FPS. Now it'll shoot through the bottom of a can.
The gun is much more accurate now. Grouping was reduced by about 2 inches approximately 30 feet away. My AEG now have a grouping of about 1 inch with 0.28g Matrix bb shooting 390~403 FPS / 30 feet
I recommend this barrel to anyone looking for a tight bore barrel.
by David k. on 09/25/2009
"Excuse me webmaster, would this work for a p90 aeg? Just curious write back if you can.

Webmaster: P90 barrel length will be 247mm.
by Matt J. on 09/04/2009
"Best AEG barrel I have used. (Well, there is Prometheus that is identical to this one, but 3 times the price.)

Packaging is hard tube.
Just like the Prometheus barrel I had, can't tell difference.

Makes you realize that you shouldn't have spent $50 more on a Prometheus....
by Michael W. on 09/27/2009
"is this is the right size for the kwa M4A1? just to make sure cuz i dont wanna buy the wrong sized barrel

Webmaster: Yes this is the correct size. 363mm