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Matrix Prometheus Type Steel Perfect Sniper 6.03mm Airsoft AEG Tight Bore Inner Barrel (650mm)

7 Customer Reviews

by Tien N. on 06/29/2016
"Install this into my Echo 1 RPK. Now my RPK is a monster BB hose on the level of sniper quality!
by Michael W. on 12/16/2010
"Great barrel! perfect for sniping, i put it in my m16 and without hop up it goes an easy 90 feet (390fps). im looking forward to getting more upgrades to allow my barrel to reach its full potential on the feild
by Michael W. on 11/23/2010
long range
i shot it in bad winds and had no drop but very little windage
relatively cheap for how much it improves your gun

can be confusing to install

NOTE- wen u first install it, your bbs might not be accurate at first, this happened to me and i started to get mad. i kept shooting and it gradualy got better and better and by the time i was done with 1 mag the barrel was "broken in".

i recomend it (for DMR's or snipers)
by James Y. on 10/22/2010
"Installed this and about $400 worth of other crap on my UTG L96 turning it into a 550 fps, accurate to 300ft sniping machine.

Durable, Well made
Easy installation
Increase to fps (530 before, 550 after)
Increase to accuracy at range (Can touch people 300ft away reliably, with other upgrades)

This barrel is massive so make sure you have a barrel extension for this thing. (Con on my end)

Also make sure you're at least 6ft tall to put this in a L96 because when I slung my rifle the barrel touched my boots.

by jordan W. on 09/25/2009

This barrel is awesome! I installed it on my jg aug (with silencer) and it was unbelievable. the guns accuracy was always pretty decent but now it's incredible. (i also added a metal hop up) after sighting in my scope i put a dot on a paper about 75ft away. I emptied a 170rd clip on full auto and punched a clean hole through the box about 3" wide. of the 170rds less then 10 were outside the 4" diameter and all of them were within about an 8" diameter. needless to say i was impressed. i have not had a chance to test it at greater distance yet put i will post when i get a chance.
6 out of 5 stars
by michael l. on 03/27/2014
"pretty good not all that great but still better then most I run this in my custom kwa m16 dmr and it dead accurate up to 120 ft what I mean by that is you can hit a target in the same spot 8/10 times from 120 ft but im also using a maple leaf nub and a madbull hard bucking it brought up the range by 30 ft and fps by 15

helps accuracy a lot
increased range
stays clean

by Ryan B. on 06/06/2015
"Noticed a huge mark inside the barrel when i removed it from the protective tube they use for shipping. Turns out mine came with a long scratch inside the barrel. Put it in my KJW M700 anyway, and noticed horrible accuracy with .43's. I know there's the "break-in period" but this was pathetic. Shots were going all over the place at only 150 feet out. Differences of 10-20 FEET in all directions between each shot. Debating on returning it or just leaving it in the corner, but i'm going to look into Madbull or Laylax next.

Hard to find 6.03 sniper length barrels

Massive scratch inside, causing horrible accuracy and making the barrel useless