Reviews: Angel Custom Ultimate CNC Hopup Chamber for VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifles (w/ Bucking)

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Model: AC-VSR-06
Location: S12-009 SO-282

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by Jack L. on 2015-03-17 22:51:04
"Does NOT fit the VSR-10 spec MB03, it's extremely tight and needs to be forced, the mechanism/piece that hold the mag release spring wont fit on the hop up itself either, the hop up is too wide.
Really disappointed with this product, claiming it's VSR-10 compatible yet it doesn't fit an MB03.
clearly others have had bad experiences as well.
by Daniel B. on 2015-02-26 12:28:12
"It will not fit inside the TSD SD702 outer barrel without major modification. It's outer diameter is bigger than the outer barrel housing it's supposed to fit into.

Like others have said, The metal piece that is supposed to engage the bb release in the mag is too short.

The alignment for installing the hop up adjustment was off. the slot was too deep making the hop up lever like it was set at full adjust and still barely able to install the retaining pin.

This might be ok for some models but not for TSD sd702.
by Oliver H. on 2014-06-13 08:42:33
"This CNC hop-up looks pretty but it is out of spec. When I first installed it no bb's would feed. I discovered that the problem is a piece of aluminium at the end of the bb catch track. On one side this piece defines the lowest position of the bb catch, on the other it depresses a latch on the magazine to allow bb's to feed. Without modification the piece is not low enough to depress the latch on the magazine. This can be fixed by adding a small amount of jb weld. The second problem is that it does not allow the bb catch to slide down to the design position. As a result the bb catch doesn't work and bb's slide into the outer cylinder when the bolt is retracted. Bb's in the outer cylinder prevent the piston from moving forward and prevent the nozzle from coupling with the hop-up correctly: the gun dry fires. You can solve the second problem by grinding down the piece of aluminium with a dremel tool and/or building up the inner ring of the bb catch with jb weld.

All in all it's pretty annoying to have to modify a piece that's supposed to be CNC'd with precision. Angel Custom, can you please be more careful with your machining. For 39.99 I would recommend using the VSR 10 original hop-up chamber. If you were like me and bought the chamber because you thought it would work well and look cool, please see previous paragraph.

Looks pretty

Doesn't work without modification.... not what you should expect for a precision CNC part.
by Jorge V. on 2014-05-05 22:20:10
"Well this seem like a good hop up chamber specially for the price, I installed it on my tokyo marui vsr 10 g-spec along with a 6.01 430 mm angel customs barrel and now my rifle won't feed bbs. There seems to be some specification variation with the bb wedge release as it will not feed bbs into your gun. Waste of money this was, this should not be advertised for tm vsr10 as it doesn't work.
by Jason C. on 2012-12-11 19:01:10
"A must have if you plan on increasing the inner barrel length of your VSR! I installed mine along with a 590mm 6.01 tightbore, also from Angel Custom, using the hop up rubber it came with, and it can achieve way better groupings than the stock barrel and hop up unit. Also this will allow you to use AEG barrels and hop up rubbers, which come in a greater variety of lengths than the proprietary VSR barrels out there.

Much cheaper than PDI version
More versatility when it comes to inner barrels
High quality lightweight metal
Nice red anodized finish


Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)